Arm End House: Small and Sustainable


Inspired by waterfront cottages on Tasmania’s Opossum Bay, this small house is efficient, stylish and affordable. The scale and profile of this semi-prefabricated structure is modest, based on the concept of reducing building scale as a core principle of sustainability. It serves as a home and a place of contemplation and retreat for a couple that emigrated to Tasmania from the United States.

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Prefab Shelf Pod: Inside The Box


You know the saying that you can never have enough storage space… Well, this prefab home has taken it to the extreme. As you can see, each architectural element in this space – stairs, windows, desks, chairs, etc – have been designed on the basis of a 360 x 300 x 300mm shelf scale, creating a beehive effect – It’s almost like living inside a Tetris game. Continue reading


Shipping Container Home & Studio: Desert Green


Who would have thought a container home would flourish in the desert… Take a look at Tim Palen’s spacious house and studio at Shadow Mountain. It is the first re-purposed shipping container home permitted and built in the Mojave Desert – a hybrid green machine for living. Continue reading


Prefab FabLab: Your Solar House


This self-sufficient prefab home is called the FabLab House (among other names like ‘forest zeppelin’ or ‘whale belly’). It was presented at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 competition in Madrid. Its goal? To design an integral solar house, which will generate maximum resources with minimum investment. Continue reading


Small Prefab Home: Sage Residence


Based on a prefabricated modular frame, the Sage Residence is a small yet comfortable family home, which was built in California in 2005. The house features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with an open kitchen, living/dining, family room space – all in all 1,400 sq. ft. which feel much larger than it actually is on paper. Continue reading


Allen Residence: Steel Prefab Home


Built in Maryland in a suburb of Washington DC, this prefab home uses EcoSteel’s unique steel building system. Certain building components, like corrugated steel siding and steel framing both inside and outside the house, have been left exposed, and made visually appealing by combining different materials, textures, and colors. Continue reading


Prefab JoT House: Sustainably Simple


Originally developed as an artist’s loft, the modular JoT House is minimal and flexible in its design; rooms are separated by movable partitions making it easy to convert the house from a one-bedroom loft to a three-bedroom home. The structure is a combination of a prefabricated core and SIP panel construction; this modern prefab can generally be fully enclosed within several days, and depending on location costs and options, the house can be built for as little as $100 per square foot. Continue reading


Floating Homes: Prefab On The Water


Check out this modern floating home in Hamburg’s City Sport Hafen, spanning a total space of 225 sq meters on two floors with beautiful views of the marina. It’s a B-type model, based on a prefabricated modular design, that allows for maximum flexibility and lifestyle adaptation. Continue reading


Prefab EcoStudio & Thinktank


Designed by Australian architect Craig Chatman, Arkit creates 1-3 bedroom small prefab homes and one bedroom prefabricated retreats. You can choose between the F Series (Factory Assembled) and the S Series (site Assembled) prototypes. Continue reading


Japanese Prefab: Narrow House


This modern prefab house is a three-story residential home in the Sumida area in Tokyo, Japan. It was built for a young couple in their mid 20’s who purchased a very narrow and deep plot facing the back of a forested park. Featuring a “tube” like form, this small house is constructed of steel with a compact living space of 27 sq. meters (approx. 3mW x 9mD). Continue reading