prefab home 43base 11 - 43 Base House: prefab for all!

43 Base House: prefab for all!


Extremely limited sites are always a challenge, although sometimes the most adaptable solution is already there to be utilized! I’m talking about the infinite world of prefab structures that are constantly available for the most challenging architectural needs.

In Tokyo, Japan, a multi-level private residence is the perfect example for this kind of possibility, and with an exquisite result! Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading

prefab homes sunia 8 - Rosemont Residence: Californication prefabs

Rosemont Residence: Californication prefabs


The next project is a beautiful home that can be built within 4 months. Sounds like prefab? I thought so too. But the house looks more like an exclusive villa than a prefab home. Moreover, this is a typical project from Sunia House, specifically – the S1.4G type! So how can a typical project look so stylish? Well, this is definitely worth having a closer look… Continue reading

prefab home sip construction - SIP Panel House: a prefab home in 10 days

SIP Panel House: a prefab home in 10 days


Prefab is a magical tool for architects…It´s Eco-friendly, rational and just perfect! The SIP Panel House explain all its essence in just three words: SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panels (the body of the building), Panel stands for the concept behind the construction and, finally, House stands for the programmatic reason that allows this small prefabricated home to become real and concrete! Continue reading

prefab home cap ferret 9 - Prefab Home in Cap Ferret: living among pine trees

Prefab Home in Cap Ferret: living among pine trees


Let me tell you about a steel prefab home in Cap Ferret, France… This contemporary coastal home sits on one of the last remaining non-built sites at the shoreline of Arcachon Bay, where an irregular soil of sand dune is covered with vegetation and 46 tall pine trees that descend towards the beach…

By utilizing a prefabricated structure the architects obtained fine results such as avoiding site destruction and also the waste of time related to traditional construction methods. Now tell me, how does a 180 sq. m. building area not disturb one single tree or vegetation? Continue reading

prefab home bebelles 4 - La Tour de Bebelles:  A triangle prefab in the forest

La Tour de Bebelles: A triangle prefab in the forest


A virgin natural site is always vulnerable to intrusive actions such as constructions…In Otter Lake, Ontario, there’s a small holiday home that assumes the precious example of how to preserve safely the most wildest of landscapes! La Tour de Bebelles represents a fine testimony of a variety of strategies to minimize man’s impact on such remarkable surroundings. Continue reading

floating house 373 - Floating House: living above water

Floating House: living above water


Enjoy living above water at the Lausitz Resort…or in any another part of the world! Water is the crucial reason for the existence of the Floating House by Steeltec37. A floating prefabricated house that looks like a boat is statically positioned by a small pontoon bridge. This two-level metallic structure follows the industrial fishing boats aesthetics. Continue reading

prefab sip house sunshower6 - The SunShower SSIP house: Literally and Metaphorically Green

The SunShower SSIP house: Literally and Metaphorically Green


Designed by two Tulane University professors of architecture, the SunShower SSIP house has an interesting story behind it. The main idea of this experimental house is that it can be created easily, using the same off-the-shelf materials as a post-disaster recovery home. From this point of view, this modern prefab home, located in New Orleans, is extremely positive and joyful in its shape and color, which is just right for a physical and psychological recovery process. Continue reading

shipping container house ht 8 - The Shipping Container House: Prefab Can Inspire

The Shipping Container House: Prefab Can Inspire


You might think this elegantly modern 1,517 sq. ft. house, in Nederland, Colorado, has nothing to do with prefabricated structures. Yet, not only are two prefab volumes used here, they also determine the planning scheme and the space organization of the house. The primary architects’ idea was to take two long shipping containers and put them onto the plot with a certain distance and angle between them. This was the crucial decision which resulted in an outstanding lay-out. Continue reading

prefab home mcglasson5 - McGlassonweeHouse: Prefab That Looks Well

McGlassonweeHouse: Prefab That Looks Well


This small prefab home is located in Northern Minnesota and doesn’t even resemble a prefab house; mostly because of a special local siding – the red stained pine.

I like this mixture of the universal (you can buy a prefab house, like a furniture item, and put it wherever you’ld like) and the local (when various local peculiarities are applied to the project, like the siding element here).
Plus, the house sits very well on the site, having an open deck overlooking a forest, and an upper terrace on the roof of the one-story part of the building. Continue reading

modular home plan nomad - Nomadhome: a place of change

Nomadhome: a place of change


Gerold Peham believes that one’s home is not only meant for living, but also is an expression of one’s individual living philosophy. He also thinks that our home is a place of change, a place where your living circumstances may change from time to time (which they do as I’m looking at my ‘suddenly’ pregnant cousin). As a result, he invented the nomadhome – a ready-to-live, modular structure, which can be put wherever you like and can be easily made smaller or bigger. Continue reading