House in Yoro: an architectonic metamorphosis


House in Yoro testifies a truly architectonic metamorphosis! In Gifu, Japan a small two-story warehouse, with a total floor area of 132sqm, was transformed into a contemporary residence full of spatial surprises. Continue reading


House in Muko: filtering reality through vertical concrete bars


In Kyoto, Japan a sculptural volume assumes an intriguing presence in the suburb context of Muko. A two-story building stands perfectly disguised behind a wall of concrete vertical bars with a total floor area of 100sqm. This sort of formal mask contributes to its enigmatic appearance while creating the perfect filter from the street. Actually, the main facade curves around the south-east edge of the building to track the shape of a road running alongside. Continue reading


Rio Bonito House: a domestic temple among palm trees


It’s simple, it’s clear, it’s a pure manifest of merging opposite values into a single order. Rio Bonito House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil represents an exquisite example of how to melt organic with industrial, archaic with modern techniques producing a minimal house full of moments, perfectly settled in its natural surrounding context. Continue reading


Fukasawa House: earthquake proof


Columns are a structural element that transmits, through compression, the weight of a structure to other structural elements below. Although its fundamental functionality, columns are also an opportunity for architects to achieve a distinctive spatial quality for any kind of building. The design of the Fukasawa House exquisitely shows how to utilize this element inside a home. Continue reading


Urban townhouse: living in the city that never sleeps


A unique townhouse is quietly living in the skyscraper city that never sleeps…In New York City there’s a five-story building that redefines the typology of the common urban townhouse on a representative narrow Manhattan plot. Stuck between two ancient brick houses, Urban Townhouse demonstrates how to achieve the most unique experience of living within a small area. Continue reading


Northern Nautilus: further down the spiral


A minimal house in Hokkaido, Japan demonstrates the infinite power of simplicity to achieve beauty in architecture. Northern Nautilus testifies another inspirational journey through natural elements to obtain a unique design for a house on a town hill. Its unusual name results from its spiral shape that responds to a desired view over the surrounding park. Continue reading


Mountain House: a small white box


A small white rectangular box is firmly erected in the mountains of Pernink, Czech Republic. Its unique character seems to hypnotize… Its bright volume is ingeniously interrupted by a dynamic composition of different glazed openings. The windows of Mountain House have multiple sizes and are positioned in order to attain the best views of the surrounding context, as well as letting sunlight inside. Continue reading


Micro Compact Home 016: flying over the lake


Lake Maggiore is a famous large lake located on the south side of the Italian Alps. This natural wonder is now enriched by an astonishing prefab house called Micro Compact Home 016. The most impressive detail about this tiny standard building resides on its ability to gather – In a 2.6 meter cube – a considerable amount of functions. Continue reading


House W: home, by the sea


House W answers a very challenging issue: the creation of a weekend home on a site stuck between a driveway and a cliff where a small beach can be found below. Also windy coastal towns like Huentelauqueen, Chile present a serious challenge to those who are looking to live near the sea…The solution to this one was based on a pragmatic concept: the patio-house typology. Continue reading


House in Saijo: living inside a pyramid


Pyramids have been built by several civilizations across the world. For thousands of years, the biggest structures on the planet were pyramids…In Saijo, Japan a new pyramid was born to shelter a Japanese family on a very modest scale. Continue reading