Modern architecture by 3XN


Modern architecture at its best as portrayed in the Ørestad College in Copenhagen, designed by a Danish architectural firm, 3XNielsen (3XN for short).

Ørestad College aims to strengthen and renew the students’ professional capabilities, preparing them better for university while enhancing the science aspect. It is also called the Virtual College offering wireless internet all over the school and laptops for all students.

This fine example for modern architecture has 4 boomerang shaped storey decks, which rotate in relation to each other like the shutter of a camera. They form the superstructure; the overall framework of the college, and provide space for the college’s four study zones. Each zone is on one level, providing organisational flexibility, with the option of micro adjustment to create different spaces, learning environments and group sizes. The rotation of the storey decks projects a part of each deck into the high central hall.

The storey decks of the Ørestad College are open towards a central core, where a broad main staircase winds its way upwards to the roof terrace. The main staircase is the heart of college educational and social life; the primary connection up an down, but also a place to stay, watch and be seen.


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