tree house bird watcher 102 50x50 - Tree House Bird Apartment: Watching the Birds

Tree House Bird Apartment: Watching the Birds


If you’re an avid bird watcher you will surely love this beautiful project. A brilliant nature-architecture concept was implemented at the Momfuku Ando Centre, in Japan. 78 small bird nesting boxes, in their classical appearance (as we all remember them from childhood), are put together to form a joyful mosaic facade! And that’s not all – the nests occupy only one part of the structure, whereas the rest is a modern tree house for humans – How marvelous!

The elevation, opposite to the one with the bird entrances, has one round opening accessible by a ladder. But the most exciting part is yet to be told: the inner wall which separates the birds’ homes from the tree house has loads of tiny little peep holes allowing you to watch the birds in their nests. I simply love it, and would be overjoyed to get a chance to climb up there and silently watch nature at its best.










* via designboom

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