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Small island houses


Living on a private island definitely has its charm. Living in a secluded villa on a tiny island is even better! This cute and picturesque house is called Just Room Enough and it’s located amongst the 1000 Islands on the St. Lawrence River… I wonder where they keep their boat?

Some of these houses are far from being small, however they are located on a single island with quite a compact living space. Check out a few of the smallest island-based houses and villas around the world.

This island home sits just off the coast on a small, rocky island called Dunbar Rock in Honduras. It’s currently for sale if you can spare $1’700’000.


Check out the watch tower on this island villa, located on a tiny island amongst the 36 larger Les Cheneaux Islands off the south coast of Cedarville, Michigan.


This beautiful mansion is called Clingstone. It seems majestic as well as rugged – I love it. Located just off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island, this house was restored, currently offering 23 rooms spread over 3 stories. Simply beautiful.


A peaceful, local home located in the gorgeous Las Isletas archipelago, Nicaragua.


… and a magnificent island home located in the extraordinary Towan Island near Newquay in Cornwall, England.


Cheers, JL2003 and premier-holidays for sharing your pics.


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5 thoughts on “Small island houses

  1. Sidwell Seboko

    I’d own them all if I had the power, they’re beautiful. I never even knew stuff like dat existed.

    I luv ur wishlist too, cool stuff.

    But the thing dat led me to this site is dat Dunbar Rock Honduras island home image.

    I ask for permission to use it in a photoshop image manipulation dat I’m currently busy doing.

    I’d like to hear from u soon. 🙂

  2. Jim in Brunswick ME

    I am ever more dismayed by such examples of conspicuous consumption. (These are extreme measure taken to avoid mowing the lawn!)


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