bluetooth watch cookoo 50x50 - Cookoo: Renewing the Wristwatch for the Digital Age

Cookoo: Renewing the Wristwatch for the Digital Age


While some might say that the smartphone removes any need for single-function devices like watches, there are others who think the long-used wristwatch can evolve into something better. Some days you may want to leave your smartphone deep in your backpack with the ringer turned off. But maybe you still want to keep abreast of all your various text messages, tweets, and Facebook posts – you just don’t want to be caught with your face pointed down to a screen and accidentally run into someone walking up to you. The watch has always been a good, quick-glance tool that would give you the time without needing to examine it for to long – one quick look, and your focused on the road again.

Now, the Cookoo jams about everything a smartphone can tell you, except for making calls, into a small watch. In every way, the Cookoo is like an extension of your smartphone just wrapped around your wrist. If you lose your phone, pressing a button on the Cookoo will trigger an alert on your phone that you can use as a kind of digital “Marco Polo” game until you find it buried under a pile of clothes.



Although the Cookoo has to be within range of your device, when it’s there, it can display calendar reminders, Twitter mentions, missed and incoming calls, and when your iPhone or iPad’s battery is low.

The Cookoo is customizable with four different multi-colored bands, and all the notification icons disappear when they’re not necessary, making your Cookoo watch a very calm and stylish device.




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