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The Smile Watch: Wrap It


Sometimes I do not know the purpose of many of the world’s gadgets. It seems like we’ve reached a certain point where things can’t get any faster or any more connected. And maybe designers are starting to feel like this too, because some of them are starting to return to older ideas and revising them for modern use. The Smile Watch, an Indiegogo project, is one of these ultra-modern gadgets that refers to an older design scheme, the familiar wrist watch.

Imagine your smartphone stretched out and wrapped around your wrist – this is something like the Smile Watch. Capable of displaying all the information your iPhone would tell you, and then some, the Smile Watch is an easier-to-access revision of the smartphone.

What differentiates the Smile Watch from just a warped smartphone are all the personalized additions. It can sense if you’re stressed out or relaxing. It will tell you to get up and move around. It will automatically dim according to the level of light wherever you are.

Maybe second to a chip implanted in your index finger, the Smile Watch is the closest thing yet to a single device that you wave around to buy something, send a message, or maybe let your physician know of a certain real-time ailment you might have.

If it is an old design, the Smile Watch is a great update.

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