small meditation hut vctr52 50x50 - Victor Meditation Hut: Still As Water

Victor Meditation Hut: Still As Water


This beautiful structure is nestled in a forest by a pond in Champaign, Illinois. A small retreat constructed above the ground with a narrow bridge, leading its way to the entrance, and a v-shaped roof similar to the architect’s first small meditation hut no.1. I love the unique shape of this building; for me, it depicts a dragonfly hovering over the water.

The water element merges with every aspect of the structure; water reflections project serenity and calm; the unique roof channels rainwater to a central spout over the pond; and a horizontal window frames a fragment of water, capturing stillness and contemplation.


I love this building, both the unique exterior and the interior light-filled space with its glossy ebonized birch floor and tatami mats. Check out the wooden tea cabinet nook with the small operable window behind it, bringing in the calming sound of a water fountain.




* More info at Jeffery S. Poss Architect


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3 thoughts on “Victor Meditation Hut: Still As Water

  1. Scott

    Now that is cool. I love this idea for a tiny house or retreat. I’ve seen a couple other small structures with a roof like that. I believe they are called a butterfly roof (for obvious reasons). I wonder how they would handle a snow load since the water is concentrated into the ‘v’. Great place. Thanks for adding it to the site.


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