vacation home norway 2 - Sogn og Fjordane: Shelter form the rain

Sogn og Fjordane: Shelter form the rain


Situated on the edge of a pristine pine forest, on top of a rocky slope in Rysedalsvika, this holiday home is a beautiful wooden coastal retreat that overlooks Norway’s Sognefjord. It has the perfect size for a vacation home – 80 sq. meters – not too big yet not too small, either. It consists of two small buildings, which open up towards each other to form an outdoor room.

Except for the stunning location and the simple design of the house, the thing which caught my eye was actually the roof. I really liked the idea of how this long roof hovers above the two pavilions, providing shelter from the rainy climate of Norway’s West coast.


This is how the architects describe it, and I totally agree:

“The structure is disarmingly simple and restrained, and therein lies its appeal. It incorporates the surrounding nature into the design.”


* More info at Saunders Architecture


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