coastal home punta7 - House at Punta Chilen: 360 degrees

House at Punta Chilen: 360 degrees


This modern coastal home is located on the tip of a peninsula on the island of Chiloe, Chile. It has a magnificent 360º open view around it and to the distant Andes mountains. The structure has a very unique shape that contrasts beautifully with the flat line of the horizon.

The house has a total space of 276 sq. meters; The first floor features a rhythmic repetition of columns and glass openings, allowing light and shadow to stream into the space. Inside, the house is washed with light and wood, and each room reflects endless views.

The roof terrace follows the perimeter of the structure below, adorned with the oblique shape of the corten steel roof, offering both shelter and style.






* More info at DRN Arquitectos


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