wireless speaker lantern - Wireless Speaker and Lantern: Lights! Music!

Wireless Speaker and Lantern: Lights! Music!


Here is a great combination – an outdoor wall lantern and a wireless speaker. It goes a long way on two levels – design and technology. This mission style design fits anywhere you put it, inspiring a relaxing ambiance with its glow. The technology aspect can be found in the Acoustic Research portable wireless speaker, that delivers crisp audio with amazing clarity.

It’s compatible with most electronic devices, allowing you to seamlessly transfer audio content from your stereo, iPod or MP3 player, iPhone, computer, and more. With this stylish item, from Audiovox, you get two for the price of one; with a snap of a button your outdoor area will come to life – lights! music!

We live in an efficient world. A world that is all into saving space and make the most out of every item. This unique combination of an outdoor lantern and speakers is simply great. The lantern is designed with high standards of elegance and sophistication that will bring a unique presence to any decor.

The speaker’s technology allows you to have worry-free set up of music while you’re entertaining on the porch or simply relaxing in the sun. It has three selectable broadcast frequencies; stereo audio input; Two-way speaker design with high-performance weather-resistant drivers and Auto-lock PLL tuning ensures crystal-clear reception up to 150 feet. Something good is happening here…



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