oil lamps lighthouse3 - Lighthouse Oil Lamps: Light of a Safe Shore

Lighthouse Oil Lamps: Light of a Safe Shore


When we think about a lighthouse a few pictures can pop into our minds. Along with those pictures a certain feeling of being safe and secured washes over us. That is the effect given by the Lighthouse Oil Lamp – a stylish lamp that glows like a bonfire in the dark.

This unique lamp is equipped with a newly developed oil burner that really lights up the night. Furthermore, it has a unique filling system that makes it possible to fill the oil from above, so there’s no need to take the lamp apart. With a large flame, your backyard will light up, spreading a comforting glow. This is a light of a safe shore.

Sometimes it’s not about the actual design but the entire feeling one item can bring. This goes a long way when we’re talking about lighting fixtures.

A light is an entire new world. Whether it is a romantic ambiance you’re after or a chill-out atmosphere, light is the best way to address it. The effect of a massive light given by a huge flame is tremendous; scaring away darkness isn’t just a saying it’s a living action. With the Lighthouse Oil Lamp this action comes to life with a maximum effect. It’s time for you to scare the dark in your backyard.





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