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Villa by the Ocean: Remote Resort


Today I invite you to Europe’s Atlantic coast. Imagine infinite, deserted sea beaches, peaceful and unpopulated landscapes. And a modern seaside villa, situated just at the foot of the ocean waves.

The more exact location is Stavanger, Norway. The building volumes of this 2,798 sq. ft. villa are perfectly blended with their surroundings. The house consists of three one-story, flat-roof volumes. Naturally, the coastline has an inclination towards the ocean and this slight slope is used in order to dissolve the building in the environment.

As a car passes by on the road, that lies parallel to the coastline, the driver sees only three slabs with green roofs full of grass and gravel. As he turns onto the path, leading straight to the house entrance, the garage which is incorporated into the building’s body, yet pulled forward for the convenience of this entrance area, invites the driver to park the car and look around. As the architects themselves say “the house is carved into the terrain”.


Thick concrete walls provide a reliable shelter, whereas the living room (located in the middle volume) is totally see-through, so while sitting on the sofa you can watch your guests driving in from one side, and beautiful ocean sunsets on the other.

Having such a cool planning structure, building solutions, and harmonious design, the villa is nevertheless not too pretentious – It’s just extremely good, in all ways.




* More info at JVA

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