google glass 50x50 - Google Glass: Through the Looking-Glass online Edition

Google Glass: Through the Looking-Glass online Edition

First, a tremendous search engine. Next, a spam-free e-mail service. Then, a freely distributed smartphone operating system. Now, “glasses.” Google seems to be everywhere, but apparel accessories might be the strangest product department for the Internet giant. But Google Glass is here, and sooner than people might think, pedestrians will sport the bizarre looking eyeglass-computer-camera combo.

Characteristic of Google’s stripped-down design tendencies, Glass features few frills and pleasant monochromatic color options. The product looks like normal glasses with the lenses removed. Instead, the display, a small prism, sits just above your sight-line of your right eye.


The real appeal of Glass at the moment seems to be the ability to shoot photos and video hands-free and spontaneously. Glass’ tiny computer also includes wi-fi connectivity, and a wearer can stream first-person footage while video chatting. With the Internet immediately available with the call “OK, Glass,” and without having to look down at a smartphone screen, Glass gives you a heads-up experience of augmented interaction with your environment.



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