wearable camera autographer 800x600 - Autographer: spontaneity at its best

Autographer: spontaneity at its best

Would you like a camera that you wouldn’t need to remind yourself to use? You want to experience adventure, but you don’t want to always think about whether the rafting trip was memorable or if you missed taking a photo when your buddy flew up and out of the raft and into the river. In the interest of our digital social lives, Autographer was created to keep track of what might be memorable photo moments.

A wearable digital camera, the Autographer is almost like a second brain that focuses on the instances when you want to keep a visual memory, but you don’t want to lose your mind wondering which are the best moments.

A passive infrared sensor notices when objects move in front of you. A color sensor determines the best lighting levels. An accelerometer recognizes the speed at which you’re moving. And there’s a temperature sensor and, of course a GPS.

The Autographer will take photos spontaneously, making assumptions about which moments you want to record and those you can leave out. But the best part about the Autographer is that you just wear it and forget about it. The Autographer does the work of recording memories; you just work on experiencing life.

Photography courtesy of Autographer.

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