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Snow Camera Stabilizer

The Snow Camera Stabilizer was invented by a passionate team of designers at Greenzero. The Snow offers professional and amateur photographers an amazing tool with which to improve the quality of the pictures and videos they take. The stabilizer is unique since it uses water for balance, and this feature makes it the first and only mechanical competitor of electronic brushless gimbals. The stabilizer allows users to take fantastic long shots since it ensures smooth camera movements and perfect horizons.

The Snow Camera Stabilizer is packed with amazing features. First the balancer- the Snow eliminates the “pendulum effect” which can occur with traditional gimbals. The balancer has a water tank, and the liquid which acts as a counterweight, constantly adjusts the center of gravity and forces the rig to stay vertical.


The Snow was also built for easy handling. It has a Twin-Grip system that provides you with immense handling freedom without placing pressure on our arms. Also, the system was built for quick mounting and you can fix your camera in place in seconds (compatible with all common dslr, bridge and video cameras up to 5 lbs / 2 kg.). Most importantly it is easy to use- letting you pan, tilt and roll your camera effortlessly. Another great advantage is that it requires no maintenance and has a waterproof, shock resistant and heat resistant ring.

The Snow stabilizer is available in either black or white and weighs 15oz / 900g. Its dimensions are W: 15,7″ / 400mm, D: 6,7″ / 170mm, H: 20,8″ / 530mm and its load weight is 5lbs / 2kg. The stabilizer is made using aluminum alloys, stainless steel screws, POM and ABS plastics, polyurethane rubbers and Neodymium magnets.

Design: Greenzero
Photography courtesy of Greenzero

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