nikon coolpix s100 50x50 - Nikon COOLPIX S100: A Camera for the Secret Agent

Nikon COOLPIX S100: A Camera for the Secret Agent


I don’t know if it’s my life-long love for the James Bond franchise, or my general attraction to tiny gadgets, but the Nikon Coolpix S100 satisfies so much of my design pallet. It looks like it’s the size of a credit card, its squared shape with slight rounded edges simplifies the camera to the point where taking a photo seems like a very gentle action – there’s no furious and frantic adjusting of lenses with this camera.

A discrete shield slides back from the front of the camera to reveal the lens and flash. Once closed, the S100 just looks like a small notepad. In action, the camera can shoot 16 megapixels worth of photos and High-Definition 1080p video. Possibly to rival every other compact camera, the S100 includes a 3D photography function that recreates photos with impressive depth of focus.

It always seems like the larger the gadget is, the more you’ll be able to do with it. This is quickly becoming a falsehood in design, and the S100 is the perfect example of this shift.



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