prefab office shed tetra7 50x50 - Tetra Shed: Take it all outside

Tetra Shed: Take it all outside


The Tetra Shed modular stand-alone pods are designed as modernized workspaces for the garden, but can be used for far more. They can be assembled in complexes of up to 6 (or even more) and are built from timber, beech cladding and a whole menu of external finishes from copper to black rubber to comply with ultra stringent Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Though it looks like s shard of meteor rock with its irregular and sharp facets, the Tetra Shed is in fact a light and welcoming ‘pod’ inside. The space is customizable; place a desk where you like, open one side as a kooky window and hinge the far end as a space-age door. Like a cross between a play-den and an architect’s studio, Tetra Shed is a refreshing piece of prefabricated design.



For the technically-minded, the Tetra Shed represents a new member of the prefab family, and one of the highest caliber. MMC ensures constructions adhere to performance, timing and sustainability specifications. For the aesthetes, the look is so totally striking, the product speaks for itself.


Think of a room, or a space, and the Tetra Shed could probably function as that; home office, art studio, festival food van, lakeside accommodation, pop-up shop – I could go on. In sum a super flexible and impressive solution to modern-day space needs – Just bring your imagination.



Designer; David Ajasa-Adekunle for Innovation Imperative

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