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Parrot Zik: Become the Master of Audio


The touchscreen has transformed technology. There are some features that seem a bit comedic now, like the option to turn on clicking sounds when you press a virtual button on your iPhone. But, for the most part, we use actual physical buttons less and less. Now this seamless technology has carried over to the world of headphones. The Parrot Zik is a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones for which you control the volume, song selection, stopping and starting all by specific movements of your finger on the exterior.

Swipe your finger up, and the volume will increase. Tap on the headphone, and the song will pause. Or, better yet, the Parrot Zik will pause the song if you slip your headphones around your neck to take a break.


Paired with the Android and iOS application Parrot Audio Suite, the Parrot Zik can enhance your sonic experience. Most impressively, the Audio Suite can create a “concert hall” effect that allows you to control the sound as if it were coming from different sections on a stage. Importantly, the Audio Suite includes a critical noise-cancelling function.

The Parrot Zik is certainly for the audiophile, but could also turn the casual listener into a master of audio control.




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