sigma dp2 quattro camera 2 1000x550 - Sigma dp2 Quattro Compact Digital Camera: Highest Resolution

Sigma dp2 Quattro Compact Digital Camera: Highest Resolution

Cameras are the pinnacle of technology now. So much energy seems to be put into refining lenses and sensors to capture images of the super-real variety. The dp2 Quattro compact digital camera, the new model from Sigma, is one of these technologically splendid cameras. The fixed 30mm lens was specifically designed to be used with the sensor that permits 30 percent better resolution than a competitive camera.

Its form is designed for taking amazing pictures, and that’s it. The body of the camera is clad in a slick, black finish that covers a rectangular shape with pleasant beveled edges. But the emphasis is all on the lens.

Protruding from the body of the camera, the lens looks like an extension of your eye, capturing all at full quality. Count them: 7,680 by 3,296 pixels can be capture at the highest setting with the dp2.

If I was setting out on a photography binge, the dp2 is what I would want with me.


Photography courtesy of Sigma.

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