paper mp3 speaker pulpop 0 1000x667 - Pulpop MP3 Speaker: Natural Amplification

Pulpop MP3 Speaker: Natural Amplification

The Pulpop MP3 Speaker by Balance Wu Design reminds me of those ubiquitous white lifesaver candies. It only reminds me in form, not quantity, because the Pulpop Speaker seems like a very rare item, and those lifesavers are everywhere. Continue reading

iphone wireless charger rs0 1000x450 - iPhone Wireless Charging System: The War Against Cables Was Won

iPhone Wireless Charging System: The War Against Cables Was Won

Thanks to conductive technology, (I’ll explain in a moment), we no longer have to connect our iPhones to another cable to charge it up. The RichardSolo Wireless Charging System for the iPhone 5/5s allows you to just put your iPhone on a sleek metal pad and it charges away. Continue reading

garage door myq iphone 0 1000x533 - MyQ Garage: Closing Your Door From Anywhere

MyQ Garage: Closing Your Door From Anywhere

While I wouldn’t wish this affliction on anybody, do you ever perpetually worry that your garage door is still open every hour you’re at work? You remember and re-remember your order of waking up, preparing for the day, entering the garage, opening the door, backing out, and then you completely forget what happens after. You cannot be sure. And that day, you get no work done. Continue reading

keyboard wood monotray0 1000x668 - Woody's Wired MonoTray: For the Naturalist Typist

Woody’s Wired MonoTray: For the Naturalist Typist

Apple has made aluminum its centerpiece of most of its current products. We can all vividly picture the stunning silver of the MacBook Pro, Air, and iMac. Each is usually manufactured from a single piece of aluminum—keyboard and all. Some might admire the cold, industrial quality of Apple’s products, and they do reflect a certain beautiful efficiency. But for those among us who want something more natural, check out Woody’s Wired MonoTray. Continue reading

helmet speaker freewheelin rs0 1 1000x945 - RichardSolo Freewheelin' Audio System: The Soundtrack to Safety

RichardSolo Freewheelin’ Audio System: The Soundtrack to Safety

There is a real danger to riding your bike with earbuds shoved in and volume turned up. Either along mountain trails or speeding along a road, blocking ambient noise with music is a risk to your situational awareness. It’s safe to hear what’s going on around you. But it’s also fun to have a soundtrack, too. The RichardSolo Freewheelin’ Audio System is perfect for the cyclist or skater who needs some tunes but wants to stay focused on potential hazards. Continue reading

bluetooth headset era1 - Era by Jawbone: Hearing Everything

Era by Jawbone: Hearing Everything

I’ve always had a bit of a hard time witnessing people walking and talking using Bluetooth headsets inserted into one of their ears. It’s fun to play a little game in which I try to guess if someone in the city is a little unstable or if he is discussing with his wife what to pickup for dinner. But as I’m tired of cocking my head to one side and constantly waking with a stiff neck, I really need to invest in the device I too often scoff at. It may have to be the tiny Era by Jawbone, too. Continue reading

bolt battery wall charger 6 1000x450 - Bolt Battery Charger: Grab & Go Power

Bolt Battery Charger: Grab & Go Power

The Bolt Battery Charger by Fluxmob is said to be the world’s smallest portable battery backup and wall charger for your iphone. The maximum dimension of the Bolt does not even reach three inches. This just makes me think that electronics have gotten so efficient that it is really down to bolts of electricity. Continue reading

wireless speaker voyager jbl 6 1000x550 - JBL Voyager: The Spaceship Speaker

JBL Voyager: The Spaceship Speaker

The Voyager Program, decades old now, was an initiative that launched two probes into outerspace. On board both Voyager 1 and 2 was a golden record that will broadcast the sounds of Earth, from Bach to whale songs. I assume the Voyager speaker from JBL had some inspiration from the iconic spacecraft, and it was a good source of influence. Continue reading

slingbox 500 5 1000x667 - Slingbox 500: Beam It

Slingbox 500: Beam It

Nikola Tesla dreamed of wireless electricity, and perhaps it was his dream that inspired the wireless world we seem to be moving towards. Thinking about it for a little while, wireless Internet makes some sense, but wirelessly streaming video, I can’t quite understand that yet. So it’s some kind of magic that the Slingbox 500 streams high-definition video from your smartphone to your TV without any kind of hardwired connection. Continue reading

speaker cabinet caixa4 1000x513 - CAIXA Cabinet with Speakers: (A)Symmetrical

CAIXA Cabinet with Speakers: (A)Symmetrical

The most impressive thing about the CAIXA Cabinet, beyond the efficient angles and flat colors, more than the flush doors and drawers, is the fact that it manages complete symmetry with an exciting asymmetrical flourish. Continue reading