hillside stone home kitchen design hp2 1000x647 - Hillside Sanctuary

Hillside Sanctuary

Nestled along an oceanside embankment of the San Juan Islands, just outside of Seattle, Washington, Hillside Sanctuary offers dreamy allure, ample natural lighting and design appeal for days. Continue reading

courtyard deck house design zga 1000x667 - Courtyard Deck House

Courtyard Deck House

With cement ceilings throughout and wood beams running the length of the house, Courtyard Deck House is a display of strength and simple design melding beautifully. Continue reading

tiny holiday home design i29 1000x667 - Tiny Holiday Home Vinkeveen

Tiny Holiday Home Vinkeveen

Set in the wetlands of the Netherlands, i29 interior architects, in collaboration with Chris Collaris, crafted this tiny gem holiday home in Vinkeveen. Continue reading

luxury apartment interior design dining ccd 1000x667 - Mangrove Bay Residence

Mangrove Bay Residence

Located off the Qianshan River, in the distance of the Jiangjun Mountains in Zhuhai, China, and spanning nearly 4600 square feet; Mangrove Bay Residence is a regal display of marble floors, slate grey walls, ambient lighting and sensual sophistication throughout. Continue reading

modern apartment design dining 1 - Argentona Apartment

Argentona Apartment

Just when you thought Spain couldn’t get any sexier, this modern apartment design appears on the scene. Located in the historic district of Gracia, Barcelona, this 900 sq. ft. space was purchased by a Norwegian couple as a holiday home who wanted this former dark house to be turned into a bright getaway – and voila! Continue reading

modern townhouse stairs above 1000x667 - Cressy Townhouses

Cressy Townhouses

Welcome to the smooth stylings of the modern duo townhouses, located in Melbourne, Australia, and sitting pretty in their surroundings. Continue reading

modern home extension glazed walkway 1000x667 - Shoreham House

Shoreham House

Tucked away amidst a forested exterior, Shoreham House is a delicious display of what happens when you meld wood, metal and slate – and call it home. Continue reading

cowork lounge phone cocoon design 1000x668 - CoWork Lounge by INFORM Contract and BuzziSpace

CoWork Lounge by INFORM Contract and BuzziSpace

Located in Vancouver, BC – one of the most exquisite, top-rated places to live in the world, sits the collaborative efforts of CoWork Lounge by INFORM Contract and BuzziSpace. Continue reading

modern hillside home dining design ta 1000x1000 - Fraiao House

Fraiao House

Part artistic expression part homestead, Fraiao House is the sum of these parts, delivering a v-shaped hillside house with sweeping views of Braga, Portugal. Continue reading

modern coastal home design mb 1000x667 - Sunset House

Sunset House

If you enjoy a good sunset (and frankly – who doesn’t?), Sunset House, located in West Vancouver, Canada, is the perfect vantage point from which to behold such a display of natural beauty. Continue reading