elegant cottage home office design ba - Elgin Residence

Elgin Residence

Living just got a whole lot cuter courtesy of architect/designer Sarah Bryant. Fashioned after it’s original Edwardian roots, this home remains comfortably modern with a side of ‘gorgeous transformation’.

Fitted with timber material found in various seating options, floating shelves and flooring, it melds beautifully with the light grey couch, and sets the tone for the blue accent kitchen cabinet wall as well.

In fact, I would think the cabinets set the scene for the entire home – turning an everyday space into a true statement piece.

elegant cottage blue kitchen design ba - Elgin Residence

elegant cottage living design ba - Elgin Residence

elegant cottage dining design ba - Elgin Residence

elegant cottage mud room design ba - Elgin Residence

Stark white walls also provide a clean palette for this interior design, with a bathroom drenched in white tiles and the deepest soaker tub ever seen.

elegant cottage bathroom design ba2 - Elgin Residence

elegant cottage bathroom design ba - Elgin Residence

The staircase to the second floor doubles as a visually appealing anchor piece, bringing you to one of the bedrooms filled with soft colors for an idyllic night’s sleep.

elegant cottage staircase design ba - Elgin Residence

elegant cottage bedroom design ba - Elgin Residence

Whether relaxing on the green accent chair in the sitting room – clashing perfectly with the dusty blue walls, or lounging on the outdoor patio, either space provides a comfortable place to relax while the children mill about, indoors or out.

‘Elegant Cottage Retreat’ is what I would coin this wonderful residence; simplistic while still providing a whole lot of character, with room to grow each personality within the home.

elegant cottage interior design ba - Elgin Residence

elegant cottage backyard design ba - Elgin Residence

Architects: Bryant Alsop
Photography: Jack Lovel

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