tiny home design entry td 1000x667 - Type St Apartment

Type St Apartment

At only 377 square feet, this tiny living space has done a lot with a little, providing a plethora of hidden and useful storage throughout, and maximizing on the vertical space seamlessly. Continue reading

master suite bathroom design cw2 1000x666 - Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery

Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery

Reconstructing a 1912 attic space, was what Casework was put to task with within Wallingford Master Suite & Nursery – and reconstruct they did! Continue reading

modern family home design exterior nh - Des Érables residence

Des Érables residence

Des Érables residence turns great Canadian maple into great Canadian architecture, refurbishing a duplex in Montreal into this single family home – drenched in maple plywood, simplistic taste and visual delights. Continue reading

home interiors courtyard design prs 1000x750 - Echo House

Echo House

Echo House reverberates with beautiful design elements – including a wall and stairway partition that appears like a metal crocheted art piece, making a statement all its own. Continue reading

home interior design natural lot1 - Headland House

Headland House

Concrete and plywood create this space known as Headland House – delivering an array of wicker and simple tones to keep the home feeling just the right level of cozy. Continue reading

small space apartment design yellow kitchen td 1000x653 - 10° home

10° home

Located in Shanghai, China, this small apartment is a collision of function and fabulous design, sitting amidst a small space of just 516 sq.ft with a 10 degree rotation. Continue reading

modern cliff house design yh2 1000x750 - Hanging from a Cliff Residence

Hanging from a Cliff Residence

Why, hello my French Canadian wooded wonder – fancy meeting you here in the Montreal outback! A home that is, quite literally, ‘hanging off a cliff’, as is the definition of its name: Residence “Dans l’Escarpement”, this space maximizes its location overlooking a lush landscape and the crystal clear lake below. Continue reading

italian villa design side 1000x750 - Villa Castelluccio

Villa Castelluccio

Rustic charm meets modern conveniences at Villa Castelluccio – fitted with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, this chic Italian villa design is a mix of arched doorways and shelving, brass fixtures, custom cubbies, and an outdoor living area that has one pondering if they need to go inside at all. Continue reading

family house design view cda 1000x750 - Lobster Boat House

Lobster Boat House

From floating stairs to floating bookshelves; Lobster Boat House is a delicious display of durability and design perfection. Continue reading

victorian townhouse kitchen extension lli 1000x665 - Highgate Victorian Townhouse

Highgate Victorian Townhouse

Highgate Victorian Townhouse is a 3-story remodel located in a suburban setting around the North London district. Continue reading