modern loft design bw9 - Diagonal Street Loft: Black and white

Diagonal Street Loft: Black and white


What was once a typical old apartment, located on the corner of two streets in Barcelona, has been turned into an open 120 sq. meters urban loft, based on a modern interior design concept with a distinct color palette of black and white and wooden surfaces. The owner – a young single man, who is a professional photographer – wanted to maximize the space while keeping it generous and bright. Continue reading

loft design barcelona2 - Industrial Loft in downtown Barcelona

Industrial Loft in downtown Barcelona


Located on the ground floor of a building in the center of Barcelona, a 1930 warehouse, with an area of 800 sq. meters on two floors, has been renovated as an industrial loft space with a rustic New York flare. During the years, the original space has been changed from a bombing shelter to the stables of an estate, as well as a printing workshop.

The project was carried out by Benito Escat, Alberto Rovira, and Minim. The budget was tight and they were asked to recycle as many elements of both the structure and the original furnishings, accessories and art pieces of the owner, in order to create a true living space/studio loft: a unique open space that had a very industrial interior design style. Continue reading

decorating ideas soho loft71 50x50 - SoHo Loft: Thrift Shops and Flea Markets

SoHo Loft: Thrift Shops and Flea Markets


After relocating from sunny Los Angeles to New York City, the new owner of this 2,000 sq. ft SoHo loft decided to gut it all out and transform it from a dark black-painted space into an inviting light-filled apartment full of creative decorating ideas and thrift shop items. Continue reading

modern loft design clctr 8 - Collector's Loft: Books, Art, Living

Collector’s Loft: Books, Art, Living


This fabulous Greenwich Village loft in New York City should have been called ‘The Flowing Loft’ based on its streaming contour lines, flowing elements and unique pieces of furniture. This amazing design explores the interaction between a gallery and living space; gently flowing curved walls seamlessly divide the entire space, creating ideal exhibition areas that merge into contemporary living areas. To me, this modern loft design depicts transition, flow and expression with a futuristic flair. Continue reading

xstudio design mos 5 50x50 - Winters Studio Design

Winters Studio Design


This modern studio is based upon an expanded loft design relocated to the countryside. The art studio serves as a place for both drawing and painting as well as providing for the amenities of storage, cooking, cleaning, and reading. Continue reading