loft design livingroom dusseldorf - Loft in Dusseldorf: brickwork

Loft in Dusseldorf: brickwork


This stylish home is not just a spacious loft, it’s a warehouse conversion of an old factory in the city of Dusseldorf, which miraculously avoided damage during World War II. Beautifully designed around carefully restored period features, this 600 sq. meters loft space now belongs to a couple with a passion for architecture. Continue reading

loft design paris windows - Loft in Paris: windows treatment

Loft in Paris: windows treatment


This amazing creation is a part of a renovation project of an old printing house in Paris. The loft belongs to a couple and their four children, and I must admit I have never seen anything quite like it.

The new 180 sq. meter construction is halfway between a piece of furniture and a building. I am mesmerized by the different window layouts, which are constructed from thick, raw pine wood roughly assembled. This wonderful concept of room dividers connects between a mixture of spaces, allows natural light to filter in, while creating new storage space, bookcases, a desk or simply an opening. Continue reading

loft apartment gallery ma 7 - Meltzer Ames Residence: Gallery-Like Loft

Meltzer Ames Residence: Gallery-Like Loft


Just by looking at it, you’ll notice that this modern loft apartment belongs to an avid art collector. It is situated in a converted TriBeCa loft building, and was once a printing house. Continue reading

loft design nyc eiche 6 - Eiche Residence: A Loft With a View

Eiche Residence: A Loft With a View


Who could resist a space like that? I know I can’t… As a bookworm that i am, I’d be happy to move in to this breathtaking East Village loft. The Eiche Residence is a New York triplex with expansive tree-shaded courtyard views and loads of natural light streaming in from the magnificent, floor-to-ceiling glass window. Continue reading

ny loft design flatiron 6 - Flatiron Loft: Mixed Materials

Flatiron Loft: Mixed Materials


This 2000 sq. ft. New York loft space is owned by a fashion designer. As opposed to the more common industrial loft design, this one has a warm and natural feel to it. A mid-century style industrial glazing system, combined with a mix of unusual materials, set the tone throughout the apartment. Continue reading

nyc loft design greene 1 - Greene Street Loft: Urban Columns

Greene Street Loft: Urban Columns


This New York City loft space is both contemporary and industrial. However, the most prominent feature of this apartment are the 8 foot tall columns that support a huge beam – a classic element that is both vertical and horizontal, stretching from floor to ceiling, dividing the 3000 sq. ft. space, and making it look even larger than it already is. Continue reading

modern beach apartment miami 9 - South Beach Apartment: Miami Style

South Beach Apartment: Miami Style


This South Beach weekend getaway was designed for a young couple. It was renovated to maximize ocean views, creating a relaxed, changeable, open atmosphere that is oozing with a sleek and contemporary ‘Miami style’.

The original 1,500 sq. ft. space included two bedrooms, a living dining area, two and a half baths, and an entry foyer. It was arranged in such a constraining fashion that each room had a small piece of ocean view. The idea was to create a flexible open space and allow the entire expanse of windows to be seen at once, bringing expansive ocean views into this modern beach apartment. Continue reading

nyc loft design perry6 - Perry Street Residence: Loft With a View

Perry Street Residence: Loft With a View


A loft with a view is too good to be true… and in Manhattan’s West Village, no less. This modern loft apartment provides both living and working spaces. It’s located in Perry st., overlooking captivating views of the Hudson River and beyond. Continue reading

nyc penthouse design 29th10 - 29th St. Penthouse: New York City Skyline

29th St. Penthouse: New York City Skyline


This award-winning NYC penthouse design is oozing with classic charm and finesse. It belongs to a European artist and collector, serving as a comfortable living space that shows the owner’s collection of art and furniture.

I’m not quite sure why, but the overall look and feel of this apartment reminds me of Hollywood’s classic black and white movies; maybe it’s the expanding superior views of the Empire State Building, the white satin lacquer walls and polished concrete floor, or the vintage pieces of furniture carefully scattered throughout this beautiful penthouse apartment. Continue reading

industrial loft design berlin 7 - Loft Design in Berlin: concrete chic

Loft Design in Berlin: concrete chic


This is the home of a conceptual artist based in Berlin. It serves as a flexible loft apartment with living-and-working space, and has modernity and industrialism written all over it. It consists of two new floors, which were added to the top of an old factory building, where Prussian army uniforms were once made. Continue reading