modern loft design bw9 - Diagonal Street Loft: Black and white

Diagonal Street Loft: Black and white


What was once a typical old apartment, located on the corner of two streets in Barcelona, has been turned into an open 120 sq. meters urban loft, based on a modern interior design concept with a distinct color palette of black and white and wooden surfaces. The owner – a young single man, who is a professional photographer – wanted to maximize the space while keeping it generous and bright.

The house has been divided into two main areas: day and night – living and sleeping; the living area has large bright rooms, and is located towards the outside, with a balcony to the street Roger de Flor; the sleeping area has smaller spaces and is located towards the quieter inner courtyard.

Wooden doors, balconies and windows have been restored and painted white; the only enclosed partition in the house features the guest bedroom, a toilet and master bath; the kitchen has been placed in the center of the house, completely open. It features a huge black laminated island placed diagonally in the center of the space, making better use of the space: an angle serves as reception area, and another containing the bar with four stools.




The bed is supported by a large closet with sliding doors, facing outward to make the most of natural light. Accessed from the bedroom is the bathroom, with white walls and black floor, with a large shower and toilet.




The large living room features a modular system, that allows different configurations based on usage; a large sofa which allows to sit around its perimeter, a reading area oriented to natural light and a chaise lounge area towards the TV. On the left is the dining room and study area, featuring a large white table and four white chairs in front of a huge dark library.



* More info at Minim


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