penthouse loft ofist 800x533 - Karakoy Loft

Karakoy Loft

Ofist designers have taken this loft in the heart of Istanbul to unexpected heights. The 180 sq.m. home of a bachelor defies the bustling city outside in its spacious soothing atmosphere. Surrounded by boutiques, galleries, restaurants and hotels, it is an ideal location for a young man. In addition, his personality and lifestyle are evident in the design. Continue reading

loft apartment design ha 800x533 - Idunsgate Loft Apartment

Idunsgate Loft Apartment

Many tricks in the grand book of design were used, or created, to transform this loft in central Oslo, Norway. Haptic Architects considered and utilized every inch of the newly acquired loft above their clients’ top floor 19th century home. Continue reading

gallery loft marais fd3 - Le Marais Apartment: A Gallery Loft

Le Marais Apartment: A Gallery Loft

In the heart of Le Marais in Paris, lies an apartment that lives like the galleries and sidewalk cafes that surround it. In fact the courtyard facing loft appears to be a gallery of fine interiors and stylish furnishings. Interior designer Fleur Delesalle stripped the interior down to the structure to reveal the volume of the space. Then two white cubes were suspended on each side of the modern home. The cubes float away from the interior wall and stay arm’s length away from the tall courtyard windows. To maintain the loft feel and soak in the sun, the cube rooms, bed and bath, are open to the window wall. Continue reading

industrial loft design jhid - NW 13th Avenue Loft: Sophisticated Industrial

NW 13th Avenue Loft: Sophisticated Industrial

If you haven’t jumped on the loft band wagon yet, get ready for high brick walls, concrete floors, and giant arched windows that will make you swoon. And that’s just the structure! Wait till you see this refined blend of elegant and industrial styles in this Portland former warehouse home. Continue reading

loft penthouse design esny 800x532 - Södermalm loft: Diminutive Penthouse

Södermalm loft: Diminutive Penthouse

I’m completely smitten with Swedish design. The crisp aesthetic, no fuss clean lines, the fabulous manipulation of natural light, and how spatially challenged spaces are maximized never cease to amaze me. This penthouse loft, meaning tucked under the roof lines, is a perfect example of all these incredible design tools. Continue reading

loft design paris nzi 50x50 - Tres Chic Loft in Paris

Tres Chic Loft in Paris


This diminutive loft in the city of lights is small in foot print but large in style. A former artist’s studio, the home’s warmth emanates from the ancient stone walls and floods in from a wall of bright new windows. The house is a blend of rustic weathered materials and clearly modern and streamlined structure and furnishings. Continue reading

loft conversion barcelona es6 50x50 - Split Personality in Barcelona

Split Personality in Barcelona


Once a toy store, this loft conversion in Barcelona is now a modern home with industrial roots and present-day amenities. Its private spaces are public and gardens flourish inside and outside. Continue reading

loft interior design oca2 50x50 - Parisian Loft LK: City of Light

Parisian Loft LK: City of Light


This Parisian loft takes the city of light to new heights. Architect Olivier Chabaud has created distinctly outlined spaces that are flooded with light. It’s a linear loft, with the luxury of terraces on both ends. Sky lights grace the open kitchen, dining, and living areas that seem to spill outside. Continue reading

gallery loft surry scid10 50x50 - Surry Hills Warehouse: Gallery Loft in Sydney, Australia

Surry Hills Warehouse: Gallery Loft in Sydney, Australia


This incredible loft has been carefully carved out of an old warehouse. Two courtyards were created by opening the roof and a new building was added. The interplay of levels and the mastery of light, day light and artificial, climate, and ventilation were key elements to display the owner’s extensive art collection. Continue reading

loft design franklin ny 3 50x50 - Franklin St Loft: Bright Bohemian

Franklin St Loft: Bright Bohemian


I never tire of loft design when the original spirit of the building is left intact. And there’s something so romantic about reviving a potentially lost soul. This bright loft in New York City is the ideal collection of quirky, funky, bohemian carefree living with flair. Continue reading