modern bohemian interior 50x50 - Modern Luxe Bohemian

Modern Luxe Bohemian


Some times I shudder at the word “bohemian.” Mostly because I see it as a heavy mix of patterns, colors, textures, beads, fringes and all those things that when combined frazzle my crisp sensibilities. So I’m calling this spontaneous yet finely tuned interior luxe bohemian. Continue reading

graphic loft design2 50x50 - Graphic love in Poland: a young couple's inspiring and playful loft

Graphic love in Poland: a young couple’s inspiring and playful loft


An old wooden house situated in the beautiful Polish countryside, just 30 min outside Warsaw, is the place where graphic designer Asia and her husband, alongside their fury family, reside and call home since about 4 years now.

The space has a loft like, open living character, divided in two levels. The main level hosts the living room, dining & cooking area all communicating with one another. The only walls and door belong to the bathroom on this level. On the second floor, a bedroom, a working area and a private bathroom are all reached via the narrow but extremely beautiful and charming white staircase. I totally fell for the detail of the added wooden stool as an easy way up the first stairs, which are somehow higher elevated. Continue reading

loft interior design lagerman 22 50x50 - Lanna Lagerman for Elle Interior: superb styling bathed in natural light

Lanna Lagerman for Elle Interior: superb styling bathed in natural light


Spaces with an abundance of natural light are every stylist’s and interior photographer’s dream. For super talented Swedish interior designer Lanna Lagerman and photographer Philip Karlberg creating these styled series in the beyond gorgeous loft space you see here was a dream come true. Continue reading

small loft nyc cabin 32 50x50 - A Cabin in a Loft: a small community of two houses

A Cabin in a Loft: a small community of two houses


Small houses usually play an important role in childrens games – an imitation of life is turned into a small scale! The project that I’m about to show you contrasts with the conventional design of interior spaces.

‘A Cabin in a Loft’ testifies an alternative and innovative solution for living in Brooklyn. Rather than divide this tiny loft with walls, the architect developed an original concept: a house within another house! Confused? Let me explain… Continue reading

white loft renovation beis2 50x50 - Roxane Beis residence in Paris: from print shop to heaven on earth

Roxane Beis residence in Paris: from print shop to heaven on earth


It must be every interior design and architecture oriented person’s dream to once manage to convert a former industrial place into a comfortable living space.
Yes? Certainly yes. The are transformations and transformations, renovations and renovations, make overs and make overs. The exquisite work of Roxane Beis doesn’t fall in these categories. It stands out with the more effortless and natural way. It’s like a fairy of interior architecture and good taste sprinkled with her magic wand above the ex print shop located at Passage Diew in Paris, measuring about 170 sq. meters. Continue reading

loft design box house 12 50x50 - Box House: The Beauty of Ballot Boxes

Box House: The Beauty of Ballot Boxes


I love to discover unique interior spaces that boast highly creative design solutions – especially when it involves reusing or recycling old materials. I mean, why not exercise our minds and be nice to our planet at the same time? I can’t think of anything more noble. The house featured here is an exemplary specimen of that idea. Continue reading

loft makeover danish2 50x50 - An Amazing Danish Interior Makeover

An Amazing Danish Interior Makeover


When Lene and Stig found this place, it looked so far off from what you see now, you wouldn’t recognize it at all. It was actually eight small dorm rooms which they turned into one fabulous loft space. Pretty amazing!

What’s more amazing is that they lived there, up in the small attic, during the entire remodel. They started at the bottom and worked their way up. I think when you experience something like that, you develop a strong bond with your space – it’s apparent to me as I view the images. Continue reading

modern loft interior design 11 - White Street Loft: Transformative Interior Design

White Street Loft: Transformative Interior Design



This place is somewhat of a wonderland! It’s impressive, modern, fun and full of volumes and modules. Designed by WORKac, it includes a ground floor, half a basement and a third of a sub basement, which essentially makes it an inverted triplex.

The owners wanted something nontraditional, a flexible loft space that could easily adapt and transform depending on the function of the desired activity, including big dinner parties, fashion shows and you know, other such regular family activities. The result is a space that is ‘whimsical and unexpected’. Continue reading

penthouse loft design wac 51 - Wooster Street Loft: A Modern Loft with Oodles of Interest

Wooster Street Loft: A Modern Loft with Oodles of Interest


I was struck by what a good job WORKac did with the unusual layout of this trendy SoHo loft. This well thought out, long narrow space is airy and open and has so much personality.

The ceiling’s highest points are at the front and back of the space in order to maximize light from the windows that are located there. The painted white brick wall is a nice contrast to the opposing dark sleek wall. That dark, bronze coated wall actually serves to organize the space while keeping it streamlined – a really clever solution. Behind/within the wall are the kitchen storage, elevator and entrance doors, bathrooms and a laundry space. Continue reading

loft design kitchen blur - Blur Loft: Flexible Spaces

Blur Loft: Flexible Spaces


Occupying the top floor of a former cold storage facility, this 2,600 sq. ft. loft apartment enjoys urban views of Milwaukee’s skyline. One of the things I like about this modern loft design is its versatility; translucent sliding panels, that can be completely retracted or closed off, blur the edges of the open plan space creating separate private rooms or utilizing the entire space for entertaining. Continue reading