modern loft design clctr 8 - Collector's Loft: Books, Art, Living

Collector’s Loft: Books, Art, Living


This fabulous Greenwich Village loft in New York City should have been called ‘The Flowing Loft’ based on its streaming contour lines, flowing elements and unique pieces of furniture. This amazing design explores the interaction between a gallery and living space; gently flowing curved walls seamlessly divide the entire space, creating ideal exhibition areas that merge into contemporary living areas. To me, this modern loft design depicts transition, flow and expression with a futuristic flair.

This 550 sq. meters loft space has been renovated into a gorgeous Manhattan apartment with a private gallery. I love the fact that the unique design of the interior merges with infinite Douglas fir floors, forming a calm and controlled backdrop without overshadowing the owner’s art and book collection.


See how a floating exhibition wall blends into library shelves and curved niches on one side and into a display case on the other side.



The former windows in the South wall have been replaced by floor to ceiling glass panes that frame and extend compelling views, over a full glass balcony, toward downtown Manhattan. All I can say is WOW! Look at this view…


See how the surface of the workspace gently flows towards a reading area, where the owner can comfortably lounge while browsing through art books and magazines.


One of the most prominent features of this loft design is the interchanging luminous and opaque ceiling; the luminous part is back-lit by 18,000 LED lights, which can be programmed to illuminate the space with various ambient shades of light, from the coolest, most neutral daylight, to warmer tones.





* All images courtesy of UNStudio


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