shipping container home lille6 - Shipping Container Home: Red House Lille

Shipping Container Home: Red House Lille


This single family home in Lille, France, is constructed from eight recycled shipping containers, 40 ‘high and painted red. All prefabricated units were transported by truck and assembled on site using a crane. Assembly time: Three days!

Designed and built by Progeco Dunkirk and architect Patrick Partouche, this 240 sq. meters house stands in contrast to its rural surroundings. It features a contemporary industrial style, combining materials such as terracotta, metal, wood, aluminum, polycarbonate, and glass. Oh, and I just love the gabled roof on top.



Large glazed openings bring ample of light to this two-story container home. I love the touches of red throughout the interior, reminding us that outside the entire exterior is painted red.


Based on an open space plan, the first floor includes the living room, kitchen/dining, toilet and laundry room. Above, are three bedrooms, home office, bathroom and powder room.





Architect & Photography: Patrick Partouche


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One thought on “Shipping Container Home: Red House Lille

  1. Joe3

    While I prefer Cottage or the Craftsman style of building, or presentation, this is an intriguing home.
    It’s definitely in contrast to the area and I’m guessing has a negative/controversial impact on the area.
    I wish they’d have provided a floor plan, and I’d love to know some cost details…container cost, utilities cost, and final cost?


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