Prefab barns by YBH


According to Yankee Barn Homes, everybody needs a barn, so why not make it a prefab? I am all for it. You already know how I love prefabricated houses so when I came upon Yankee Barn Homes I simply had to let you know.

These prefab barns are built with heavy post and beam frames, and rough sawn lumber to give you the authenticity of a traditional barn look and feel, rather than a plywood garage-type structure. Use them for storage, livestock or any other farming necessities.



You can choose from 24/36/40 feet wide barns to Gambrel style barns or King Post barns.


Here are a few prefab barn plans from Yankee Barn Homes:



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2 thoughts on “Prefab barns by YBH

  1. admin

    Hi, I’m happy to hear about your interest in this house. However, please keep in mind that Busyboo simply writes architectural reviews.
    For sales, pricing or shipping info please contact the manufacture.
    Good luck,

  2. Sharon Tomme

    I like the white barn with the 3 doors. Is it one story?
    Could I please have a floor plan for it? Thank you.

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