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Portland-based residential designer and builder, Walt Quade came up with Small Home Oregon. I think his small house designs are lovely, and you can purchase small home plans or simply order them direct.

a small 325 square feet cottage or guest house, which you can use as a cabin in the mountains or at the beach, office or creative space, or as a guest house or retreat in your own back yard, will cost you around $40,000.


you can also go for the small studio, master or double bedroom suite or even an open shop, whether your into metal or woodworking, ceramics or artwork.


I specifically liked the 975 square feet multi-unit configuration, where you can easily add small units together. You can leave a space for a breeze-way, add decks or porches when and where you need them, and even position each space in any configuration.


Small Home Oregon: Small cottage or guest house plans

Small Home Oregon: Small studio plans

Small Home Oregon: Small master bedroom suite plans

Small Home Oregon: Small open shop plans

* More info at Small Home Oregon

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5 thoughts on “Small Home Oregon

  1. marygreg

    im thinking about building an apartment for my space but its too small for 2units..its less than 100 is possible?even just 1 room, 1 small bathroom, dining room and kitchen.

  2. Lee Morgan

    I am thinking of having a place in Ruidoso, NM. This home is so cute. I would love something along this line for me in retirement in the mountains. I am a bachelor with only an occasional guest.

    I would love to know the estimated costs of such a home with purchase of lot and finishing onsite. I have limited resources for retirement and no desire for large space anyway. Photos are very appealing.

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