Lexon Titanium Clock Radio and Bluetooth Speaker: As Little Design as Possible


There’s little better than design that uses one type of material for its form. There’s also few materials better than metal for illustrating the explicit beauty of products designed with this single-substance technique. Manipulated by an expert designer, certain metals immediately push-away competing designs that go for excess as a theme. This explains a lot of Apple’s success: their habit of minimizing materials has allowed them to focus and avoid frill.

The Titanium Clock Radio and Bluetooth Speaker by Lexon are these minimal material designs that join the Jony Ive-ranks of attaining attractive products through simplifying. Continue reading


Beolab 2 by Bang & Olufsen: Bug-like Bass


As a guitar player, learning to love bass tones is like the slow-burn fulfillment of living as an adult. Everything to do with the word bass seems to get shoved into the background in most contexts. Solos are giving to so-called “lead” instruments like guitars. Stand-up bass players are confined to a corner of the stage near the drummer, both working in low-tone synchronization to make sure the song doesn’t fray because the trumpet and saxophone players are wandering around their instrument like they were the only musician playing. Perhaps as I get older though, I crave the security of bass tones. Continue reading


Switch Speaker by Native Union: A box of wonders


I’ve been searching for a wireless portable speaker for quite some time now. I want it to sound good and look good. It also needs to be packed with great features without burning a hole in my pocket. I was looking at the Jawbone Jambox and the Beats Pill by Dre, but finally I’ve decided to go with the Switch by Native Union. And boy, am I glad I did!

With great quality for under $150 price range, the Switch has everything I wanted in a portable Bluetooth speaker. Hi-Fi sound? yep. Good looks? yep. Feature packed? heck, yeah! Continue reading


Wow & Flutter speakers: Sound Takes Shape


For those of us who grew up playing with Legos, the need to take things apart, rearrange them, and put them back together in a new configuration is constant. Hopefully we don’t do this with products that aren’t meant to be manipulated so freely. However, the Wow & Flutter speaker system is something that was designed for the twitchy Lego fan. Continue reading


Beoplay A9: Sound as a beautiful piece of furniture


If sound engineering has reached such an extraordinary level of clarity and density, then the only area to excel in is the design of what emits the sound. And if the achievements in music production are so impressive, then shouldn’t the object playing that music be equally so? The A9 from Beoplay is exactly the kind of expertly designed sonic system that compliments the new simplicity of digital audio. Continue reading


The Audio Pillar: Like Flowers in a Vase


Home sound systems were once like the original computers: huge, room-occupying cubes that protected collections of vacuum tubes and wires. Now there’s no need for those beasts. A device the size of our palm can cycle through more processes in a second than the grand old room computers, and an MP3 player the size of your thumb can play louder than a Hi-Fi module. Then where’s the fun for designers if everything is so small and efficient? Continue reading


The Beolit 12: Take a Picnic


Were I to tell you there is a portable speaker system that resembles a picnic basket, I can’t predict your reaction, but I suspect you’d be a little confused. Would it be like the bulky, woven reed basket that looks like it belongs in a craft fair painting of a meadow? I don’t know if there are more modern variations of the classic picnic basket, but that is what I immediately think of when I see the Beolit 12, the portable speakers system for your smartphone by Bang & Olufsen. And because of its digital pastoral design, the Beolit 12 looks like the perfect thing to bring along with a couple of sandwiches. Continue reading


Stelle Audio Clutch: One For The Ladies


This is something to thrill the fashion conscious ladies out there! But also the sensitive hearted men who care enough to offer their beloved ones a present they will forever cherish. If there was to be a short, to the point description about Stelle Audio Clutch then it would have to be: the perfect intersection between fashion and technology. Continue reading


The Vamp: Giving Life to Old Technology


This is cool design. There is a discrete, square device that can reawaken any old speaker and resurrect it to play music once again. The Vamp, a project by London-based designer Paul Cocksedge, which he funded on Kickstarter, is a small red boxey shaped tool that when connected to any speaker with the 3.5mm cord plays anything via Bluetooth. Continue reading


LD120 Laptop Dock Speaker: The Death of the Single-Function Desk


Power cables are abundant and cluttering. The number of our devices grows, and meters of wire accumulate. Laptop speakers are too weak, and really clear, durable speakers are too big. Desks tend to take up too much space, and their size seems disproportionate to their function. Either they were just excited to experiment with the idea, or La Boite Concept was thinking of all these impediments to the modern workspace when they designed the LD120, a laptop desk and speaker system combination. Continue reading