Bose 151 SE Outdoor Speakers: Make a Concert in Your Backyard


Bose is well known for obsessive, scientific attention to sound quality. Their various products, speakers, stereos, headphones, and home theater systems all tend to trump whomever is the competitor. And as important as sound is to personal enjoyment, Bose moves into the sonic arena of the outdoor backyard barbecue arena. Continue reading

Model XS: The Ultimate audio Travel Clock


Never do we listen to the radios in our hotel rooms looking for impressive sound. The industrially produced clock radios function just for alarms, really. The Model XS by Geneva Sound System is a tiny portable audio system that might motivate you to toss the standard clock radio out of a window. Continue reading

Thunderstorm: Home Theater the Size of a Book


Internal tablet speakers fall more than short of an impressive sonic experience. Out of an iPad, Netflix film audio tends to sound like it’s struggling to even present character dialog let alone translate impressive explosions or emotive soundtracks. Inevitably, you end up jabbing the volume-up button as if you were scaring the device into pushing out louder, more definitive sound.

To sooth this impatient tendency, and to transform the tablet into a professional audio-visual device, Belkin created the Thunderstorm, a so-called home theater system that fits around your iPad, delivering the much-needed sonic boost. Continue reading

The Sonos Playbar: Full Sound from a Slim Form


For those of us who don’t enjoy walls of speakers and would like our sound systems to be discrete, the Sonos Playbar is a subtle but powerful piece of hardware. The Playbar is thin enough to sit anonymously by your TV or in your bedroom, all while pumping-out theater quality sound. Continue reading

Koostik Original: a wooden iPhone speaker system


There’s something about bare wood that trumps any new carbon-fiber, bioplastic, or silicone skin used to create the latest consumer electronics. It’s simple, sure, this seems to be the basic triumph of the material. But it distributes the beauty of design in a way that just seems, well, artificial with any other material.

The Original Koostik, an iPhone speaker system that uses no electronics, is an expert example of wood’s immortal design potential. With the same basic design of any iPhone / iPod docking speaker system, the Original Koostik soars above its home electronics competition because of its completely bare design. Continue reading

FM3 Buddha Machine: bliss-in-a-box


Chinese mythology tells of a stout Buddha with a huge belly and a grand smile on his face. He may have been enlightened, but if you’re interested in a more portable meditative experience, the Buddha Machine by FM3 is much more efficient. Continue reading

Libratone: AirPlay your music


Libratone is my dream come true in terms of air play technology. It is so much more than simply a speaker which is designed to fit the aesthetics of a room. Libratone is designed to in fact address the style of life of the people inhabiting that space. It is designed to add value to their lives, while it fantastically manages to merge the lines between interior design and technology. Sleek, soft, appealing and inviting visually, Libratone is going to give you the freedom to wirelessly listen to your favorite music, having your iPhone playlist at hand, around the house. Continue reading

Barky Audiowood Turntable: Sound Design

This isn’t your grandpa’s old record player. Modern, sophisticated, and distinct, this turntable is sure to turn heads. Made from a round of reclaimed ash wood, each Barky by Audiowood turntable is unique and not one table is exactly the same. Its fusion of industrial and natural materials gives this player a casual elegance that would complement any interior design. Continue reading

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Jambox: high intelligence wrapped in the tiniest pretty package

Has the smallest, best sounding wireless speaker and speakerphone on the planet been invented yet? It sure has! Add as a leading characteristic the most charming and elegant looking one on top and then you have the definition of Jawbone’s Jambox. What can this little gem of device do for us? It delivers stunning hi-fi audio in a super compact, portable wireless speaker. Continue reading

Beoplay a3: the ultimate choice for iPad fans

The Beoplay a3, by the respected Bang & Olufsen, is a classy, elegant solution for iPad fans that combines a high quality speakers dock, with multi-directional positioning of the iPad.
Have you ever wanted a good quality speaker set with rich bass and treble for the morning wake up song?
Are you tired of connecting and disconnecting external speakers?
Well ! This product combines the abilities of a smart cover, allowing you to write easily when needed, watch videos, or simply hold in your hands and enjoy great sound. Continue reading

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