iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Case

The iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Case is a beautifully crafted smartphone cover designed to help you simplify your life. Rather than walking around with a wallet and an iPhone, you can place your most important cards in the Wallet Case and eliminate having bulky pockets. The Wallet Case is made from a very high quality leather that gives it a sophisticated and high-end look. The design is simple and elegant and is perfect for today’s busy metrosexual man. Continue reading


JUMP Cable

We have all experienced the frustration of having our Smartphone or tablet run out of battery exactly when we need it the most. The JUMP Cable is a great little gadget that prevents this from happening! When you use the JUMP Cable to charge your phone, it automatically charges the battery so that you never run out of power. The JUMP Cable was designed to be robust, compact and portable. Best of all, it just looks amazing- the cable elegantly wraps around the battery and it has a chic slate grey coloring with a smooth matte finish. Continue reading


Holdtight Case

The Holdtight Case is a great concept that lets you simplify your life, and do it in style! Using colorful silicone bands, you can easily attach a wide variety of items to your iPhone so that you can travel really light. You can attach cash, keys, headphones or cards so that you have everything you need – all in one. Continue reading


Vivid Glow iPhone 5S Skins: Lighting the Way

Glowing in the dark, the Vivid Glow iPhone 5S skins are shocking neon covers that will make your iPhone pulse color like cartoon plutonium. These cases were made to stun people. Continue reading


iPhone Wireless Charging System: The War Against Cables Was Won


Thanks to conductive technology, (I’ll explain in a moment), we no longer have to connect our iPhones to another cable to charge it up. The RichardSolo Wireless Charging System for the iPhone 5/5s allows you to just put your iPhone on a sleek metal pad and it charges away. Continue reading


Ollo Clip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens: smartphone photography


I had no idea that people took iPhone photography so seriously that companies started to make additional lenses. But people do, and companies did. And now there is the Ollo Clip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens that is making me very excited for the future of smartphone photography. Continue reading


Canvas Sleeve for iPhone 5: Maybe our Smartphones deserve some comfort


Quilted canvas and leather is probably a description you expect to hear for a piece of high-end luggage or a fancy winter jacket. But I doubt many of you thought it was a description for an iPhone 5 case. It is though, I’m completely serious. Continue reading


Elecom Wireless Slide Keyboard: Slide, Collapse, and Store


Never have I seen a wireless keyboard that is designed for use with an iPhone. But there is the Wireless Slide Keyboard from Elecom that surprised me. The keyboard is similar to other wireless versions in its basic controls. Using a Bluetooth connection, the keyboard can be paired with any other mobile device or laptop that functions with a wireless keyboard. But what astonished me the most about Elecom’s version was its deliberate design for the iPhone. Continue reading


Kii Key Sync and Charge Connector for iPhone & iPad: No More Cables!


Cables are my nightmare, but I understand for my various devices to be charged, some hard connection to a power source will need to be made. But there is every opportunity to cut back on cables. So I am very pleased that the Kii Key Sync and Charge Connector exists. Continue reading


Chargecard: Credit card Sized Charger


I often think of a “chargecard” as that thin piece of plastic shoved into my wallet that is used only when absolutely necessary. I still don’t really understand how credit works, but it’s there and quite useful when I end up buying too many Snickers bars. But you ought to rethink what a “chargecard” is with the Chargecard from Nomad, a company that specializes in shrinking common electronics accessories to wallet-sized or key-sized form. Continue reading