Ollo Clip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens: smartphone photography


I had no idea that people took iPhone photography so seriously that companies started to make additional lenses. But people do, and companies did. And now there is the Ollo Clip 4-in-1 iPhone Lens that is making me very excited for the future of smartphone photography. Continue reading

Canvas Sleeve for iPhone 5: Maybe our Smartphones deserve some comfort


Quilted canvas and leather is probably a description you expect to hear for a piece of high-end luggage or a fancy winter jacket. But I doubt many of you thought it was a description for an iPhone 5 case. It is though, I’m completely serious. Continue reading

Elecom Wireless Slide Keyboard: Slide, Collapse, and Store


Never have I seen a wireless keyboard that is designed for use with an iPhone. But there is the Wireless Slide Keyboard from Elecom that surprised me. The keyboard is similar to other wireless versions in its basic controls. Using a Bluetooth connection, the keyboard can be paired with any other mobile device or laptop that functions with a wireless keyboard. But what astonished me the most about Elecom’s version was its deliberate design for the iPhone. Continue reading

Kii Key Sync and Charge Connector for iPhone & iPad: No More Cables!


Cables are my nightmare, but I understand for my various devices to be charged, some hard connection to a power source will need to be made. But there is every opportunity to cut back on cables. So I am very pleased that the Kii Key Sync and Charge Connector exists. Continue reading

Chargecard: Credit card Sized Charger


I often think of a “chargecard” as that thin piece of plastic shoved into my wallet that is used only when absolutely necessary. I still don’t really understand how credit works, but it’s there and quite useful when I end up buying too many Snickers bars. But you ought to rethink what a “chargecard” is with the Chargecard from Nomad, a company that specializes in shrinking common electronics accessories to wallet-sized or key-sized form. Continue reading

The Saidoka: iPhone Docking Simplified


The world of electronics often means a mess of cables. It was a welcome day when we could start plugging our devices into the USB ports on our laptops. But there’s one thing that’s always frustrated me about the device-to-laptop via USB connection. My phone usually flips around, gets pushed, scratched, and buffed all because there’s no way to keep it stationary. Continue reading

Nike+ Fuel Band: The Gauntlet of Personal Health Statistics


If only life were a little more like a video game, we could hurt ourselves and watch health bars shrink but then rejuvenate when we picked up floating hearts, or we could increase achievement points by learning a new skill and upgrading our wooden sword to an Anointed Saber, or whatever they call them in fantasy games these days. Maybe our lives will just always be more boring than the video games, that’s why they exist, I suppose. But together, Nike and Apple have created something that simulates a little bit of the video game world in our own. Continue reading

Stealth iPhone case: Stealthy and striking


The iPhone Stealth case and cover design by Svyatoslav Boyarincev is a radical rework of an object for which a million variations have flooded the market – yet it still stands out as one of the best. Continue reading

Duracell Powermat: Charge, Don’t Trip


With power going to Wi-Fi, 4G, GPS, Video, Sound, and everything else a smartphone can do, (make calls, don’t forget), it doesn’t take long for the battery to reach a point where your day becomes a very anxious one as you run around with the charging chord looking for an outlet. Even if you’re diligent and do a fresh charge overnight, with all the different features engaged, a smartphone is a useful thing for about 30 minutes. Continue reading

The iPod Shuffle Swim Kit: underwater soundtrack


There’s a soothing sound to rushing water, but usually when you’re swimming, you’re more frustrated with water getting in your ears than delighting in the sound it makes. You could use earplugs, but then you wouldn’t hear anything but all of your huffing and puffing when you turn your face out of the water for a second to breath, and then plunge back down and hear blub blub blub, or something like that. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a soundtrack while underwater? Continue reading