Miniko: Eco Barbie dollhouse


Here’s a cool idea for the young modern fashionista… It’s an Eco designer dollhouse and furniture set for Barbie, Blythe, Momoko and other fashion dolls. Simple and white, without any hint of pink plastic, Miniko is not like any dollhouse you’ve seen before. Who says Barbie can’t be into modern green design, too? Continue reading

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AR.Drone Quadricopter: Are You Up for the Challenge?


Are you ready for of the coolest, most thrilling toy you’ve ever seen? The AR.Drone Quadricopter is a high-tech device combining the best of many worlds, including modeling, video gaming, and augmented reality.

It is the first quadricopter that can be controlled by your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, featuring a number of sensors, including a front camera, vertical camera, and an ultrasound altimeter. It generates its own Wi-Fi network to which you connect your iPod touch or iPhone to control. The front camera view is streamed to your piloting device display. The interchangeable hulls are designed for both indoor and outdoor use – are you up for the challenge? Continue reading

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SmartPlayhouse: architecturally inspired playhouses


As a kid I loved playing house. Using cardboard boxes, sheets and broomsticks, I would build my own private little house and play in it for hours. Unfortunately these play houses of mine weren’t destined to last for long because at some point my mother would need her broom back or I simply had to take everything down in order to go to bed. I only have great memories of these play houses I built but I have to admit that design and style were not their strong point.

SmartPlayhouse are a line of modern playhouses that are spacious and fun for kids and at the same time are safe and stylish for the parents. Continue reading

Kidrobot Dunny Series: Collectible Art Toys


If you looked at my desk you would see that I have a soft spot for collectible art toys, and I’m not talking about the lame ones, no, I’m talking about style mixed with loads of character that will kickoff my imagination and creativity!

Check out the amazing Dunny series from the great guys at Kidrobot. Dunny is a stylish designer toy, three inches high, that is simply so darn cute! A curved bunny with a smooth face, serving as a blank canvas designed to be repainted and reinterpreted by artists from many different backgrounds. Everything is laid down for you to start playing; all you have to do now is use your imagination. Continue reading

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Corsican Cribs: A Fairytale Dream


Check out this wonderful baby crib so gorgeous and dreamy, simply to die for. This beautiful crib collection is timeless, where each is inspired by a childhood fairytale; whether it is the story of Alice In Wonderland like the Canopy crib accented with rabbits, or the ever lasting story of Cinderella reflected in the charming pumpkin crib pictured above.

These cribs are made of steel tubing, iron rods and aluminum castings, with six adjustable mattress heights, meeting all safety standards. Their unique design will add loads of charm to any nursery. Moreover, your little precious will have a very special design for their room, with not only elegance and style but also the right ambiance to enjoy a sweet fairytale story before quietly dozing to sleep. Continue reading

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Nathi + Nappyrette: Changing Table & Diaper Dispenser


Chest drawers – Out. Nathi Changing Table – In.
Rarely do we see such a simple idea put into smart design and deliver perfect results. The Nathi Changing Table is exactly that. Requiring a minimal space, this baby changing table will not only allow you to get the dirty job done easily, it will also look good in your home.

Made of class A molded beech veneer, this exceptional changing table is to be screwed into the wall, and then folded in and out whenever you need it. It comes with a soft mattress for your baby’s comfort, made of washable fabric with a filling of 30 mm polyester fiber wool, and two shelves with high protective sides for oils, creams and other handy accessories. It can also be beautifully completed with the additional Nappyrette Diaper Dispenser – an entire set, close at hand and ready-to-go changing station. Simple and easy. Continue reading

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Bloom Change Tray: So Easy, for a Change


Remember we told you about the Luxo Sleep convertible crib? Well, this beautiful Change Tray from Bloom is yet another safe and invaluable item that will complete your baby’s nursery. Changing nappies is part of every parents’ routine, as simple as that. Bloom’s Change Tray won’t change the nappies for you, but it will make this particular job much easier, for a change… Continue reading

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Bloom Luxo Sleep: The Crib


The Luxo Sleep, by Bloom, will escort your new born form the very beginning until the age of five. Hard to believe? This is exactly right, as this is a simple yet brilliant patent, designed to evolve with your baby as he grows to be a toddler and then a child. This stylish convertible crib features a patented adjustable side panel for easy access, it’s easy to set up in under 10 minutes (no-tools-required) and a folding design for easy storage – no small parts to lose. It evolves from bassinet to crib to toddler bed, so once you’ve purchased it, you’re worry-free for the next five years. Continue reading

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Automoblox: Back To The Future


The Automoblox is not just a regular, good old-fashioned wooden car; it is a unique toy combined with innovative thinking, of using the best of the past and the goods of the present; it is a fusion of heirloom craftsmanship and ultra-modern styling, transformed into a mix-and-match design system that allows children to collect and create their own unique car styles, while experiencing joy, imagination and creativity.

Starting with a stylish wooden body, kids add wheels, windows, and unique customizing details; each car in the series has its own unique VIN number, just like a real car; all cars can mix and match with others in the series to create a very unique ride, while your child can actually learn valuable skills using good-old fashioned design – back to the future. Continue reading

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Sibis Max and Lorette: Toddler’s Tag Along Toy


Some things in life are just so cute that none of us are able to resist… Have a look at these gorgeous toys – Max and Lorette, made by Sibis. Both are indeed a work of art, taking us back to the good old days where toys were made of wood and left children with enough room for imagination and inspiration. Continue reading

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