Tower Studio: an outstanding landmark

This amazing structure looks more like a imaginary sculpture, than a building. It’s situated in Newfoundland’ Shoal Bay, serving as one of the six artist studios designed for the Fogo Island Arts Corporation. The 50 sq. meter, twisted body of this tower is undoubtedly the most outstanding landmark of the region, as its silhouette beautifully dominates over the landscape, attracting attention to this art object. Continue reading

Villa 3S: the Flawless Unity

The forms of Villa 3S have delighted me at once by the unity and scale of its design concept. The outer structure of this 1560 sq. ft. single family house in Graz, Austria is treated as a solid envelope, incorporating roof and walls. Located on a slope in an ideal open green meadow surrounded by woods, the house perfectly fits the environment, supplementing it and not dominating over it. Continue reading

Terraced House Ghent: stands in contrast

Let us speak once more about the new combined with the old. However this time we offer you a somewhat different approach: the old house has been demolished and a brand new house reappeared instead. A small, contemporary house which now fills in the narrow void between a row of buildings in Ghent. Continue reading

House Yagiyama: a fortress for retirement

A house has a primary function of shelter and refuge, protecting its inhabitants from the outside world. This concept of asylum can also be seen in the animal world, especially the turtle case. A full-bodied shell guarantees the safety of the turtle while providing a strong visual appearance. In Miyagi, Japan there’s a unique residence that assembles the concept of this peculiar creature: House Yagiyama. Continue reading

Salamanca House: Bold Triangles on a Tight Site

It’s difficult to believe that this beautiful and unusual house, in Wellington, New Zealand, was built on a site with so much restrictions. The original house, situated next to our object, was constructed in the early 1900-s and is historically listed. That’s why the new structure had to be kept lower and non dominating over the old house. In addition to that, the site itself is dramatically steep and quite small. However, all these restrictions made overcoming the challenges even sweeter. Continue reading

Keret House: Wild Idea Brought to Reality

At some cases an architect’s mind really strikes us with the ultimate of ideas! This project is one of such stunning cases. The Polish architect Jakub Szczesny noticed an extremely narrow space between the side elevations of two apartment house blocks and was excited with a void stripe, so unexpectedly discovered by him in one of the residential quarters of Warsaw.

His moment of inspiration resulted in a brand new single person home! A wild and bold idea – however it got its client attention, an Israeli writer, Etgar Keret. The architect said that the building presented “a fantastic set of impossibilities”. Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading

House in Tamatsu: waiting for the sun

In Osaka, Japan there’s a narrow house that captures our attention with its singular bright appearance… Built for a family of four (parents + two kids) in a very tight urban site, this three-story building replaces an old residence suffocated by the lack of natural light due to its closeness to the surrounding buildings. Continue reading

Student Micro Flat: small is the new big

Are you familiar with Micro Machines? The Original Scale Miniatures (called either “Micro Machines” or simply “Micros”) were a line of toys originally made in the mid 1980′s and throughout the 90′s.

Well, at the beginning of the 21st century, a tiny house for students was created in Sweden. And Micro is definitely the right word to define this 94sq.f. home, radically organizing the minimum functional needs for a student to live in a very modest way. Continue reading

House in Saka: between inner and outer walls

Architecture often reveals the most outstanding results when it comes to dealing with full privacy. In Hiroshima, Japan an unusual windowless metallic facade defines the boundary between the city and the domestic space. This apparently “blind” inhabitable volume is called House in Saka… and behind this small walled world, a compilation of gardens and terraces are waiting to be discovered. Continue reading

Hojo House: Impression of Space

I would describe this house as a separate flat, taken out of a residential house and set separately as an independent unit. The apartment is located on an extremely limited site and is itself extremely small. However, it allows you to perceive this house as something airy, and the reason for the unusual exterior of the house! Continue reading