Northern Nautilus: further down the spiral


A minimal house in Hokkaido, Japan demonstrates the infinite power of simplicity to achieve beauty in architecture. Northern Nautilus testifies another inspirational journey through natural elements to obtain a unique design for a house on a town hill. Its unusual name results from its spiral shape that responds to a desired view over the surrounding park. Continue reading


Mountain House: a small white box


A small white rectangular box is firmly erected in the mountains of Pernink, Czech Republic. Its unique character seems to hypnotize… Its bright volume is ingeniously interrupted by a dynamic composition of different glazed openings. The windows of Mountain House have multiple sizes and are positioned in order to attain the best views of the surrounding context, as well as letting sunlight inside. Continue reading


Micro Compact Home 016: flying over the lake


Lake Maggiore is a famous large lake located on the south side of the Italian Alps. This natural wonder is now enriched by an astonishing prefab house called Micro Compact Home 016. The most impressive detail about this tiny standard building resides on its ability to gather – In a 2.6 meter cube – a considerable amount of functions. Continue reading


House W: home, by the sea


House W answers a very challenging issue: the creation of a weekend home on a site stuck between a driveway and a cliff where a small beach can be found below. Also windy coastal towns like Huentelauqueen, Chile present a serious challenge to those who are looking to live near the sea…The solution to this one was based on a pragmatic concept: the patio-house typology. Continue reading


House in Saijo: living inside a pyramid


Pyramids have been built by several civilizations across the world. For thousands of years, the biggest structures on the planet were pyramids…In Saijo, Japan a new pyramid was born to shelter a Japanese family on a very modest scale. Continue reading


Coupled House: a micro machine for living


In Tokyo, Japan a tiny house works as an efficient space for living… Against all odds, Coupled House demonstrates how to contradict a dense urban context, avoiding the consequent sense of claustrophobia. Continue reading


Big & Small House: too big or not too big…


How can a house be simultaneously big and small? The perfect example of such challenging task is hanging on a hillside of Los Angeles. It’s called Big & Small House because of a simple guideline: what’s apparently missing in square meters is provided by volume. A two-story building with a total floor area of 111sqm presents a clear effort to maximize space while occupying a site around half the size of its neighbors. Continue reading


House M: a folded Japanese architecture


Do you know what Kura means to Japanese architecture? Kura is a traditional Japanese storehouse. Its typology commonly corresponds to durable buildings built from timber, stone or clay used to safely store valuable commodities. House M works as a modern interpretation of such an ancient building tradition, placed in Ishikawa in a tiny gap between the national road and the city limits. Continue reading


Garden Pavilion: the secret of simplicity


Sometimes the simplest of projects turns to be the most interesting and challenging of all…Garden Pavilion has this special quality. Located in the Seattle suburbs, this tiny building with a total floor area of 33sqm is positioned at the rear western corner of the main house to maximize the open space between the two volumes. Its purpose was very clear: to serve as a flexible space for several different functions: playroom, office, and guesthouse for visitors with a small kitchenette and a complete bathroom. But how can all these diverse uses fit in such a tiny building? Well, let’s find out the secret behind the simplicity of the Garden Pavilion. Continue reading


Mascara House: a house with wings


In Hamamatsu City, Japan there is a house with wings…figuratively speaking, of course! Mascara House is a two-story building that seems to result as a mixture between a boat and a tower volume. An exquisite formal balance is brilliantly achieved by a middle section that stands lifted off the ground and is curved like the hull of a boat. Continue reading