House H: Y-shaped inhabitable forest


Structural solutions always play a decisive role when it comes to defining a space in architecture. Both aesthetic and functional values of any kind of building are deeply connected to such a challenging task…In Chiba, Japan House H proves how powerful a structural design can be when presenting an enigmatic character: Y-shaped wooden columns sustain rooms and lofts at diverse levels in a two-story volume with 64sqm of built area. The internal atmosphere of this tiny family house irradiates an unlimited sense of serenity provided by the relation established between structure, program and inhabitants. Continue reading


House on Limekiln Line: a discrete silhouette on a rural horizon


A discrete silhouette placed on an infinite rural horizon… That’s House on Limekiln Line. The special ingredient for this artificial chameleon relies on its dialogue with the local culture and landscape, engaging a rich relation with the larger ecological and environmental processes of the enormous agricultural landscape in which the house sits. Continue reading


MYZ Nest: perfectly settled in rice fields


When architecture follows nature’s example in a successful way the outcome is always surprisingly efficient and discrete. A perfect example of such delicate operation stands erected in Matsumoto, Japan. It’s called MYZ Nest and the name clearly reveals what kind of Nature’s source is behind this small, unique project. A mysterious bright building contrast with the green rice fields that surround it: a single plan conceals the whole domestic program distributed in a total floor area of 97sqm. In order to take advantage from the natural topography, the house is partially sunken into the ground with excavated soil built up around one facade for a better insulation, similar to a rabbit’s warren. Continue reading


House in Yamasaki: three volumes for a plinth house

An enigmatic architecture is always full of mystery and complexity… In this particular case, nothing is what is seems: a composition of three volumes – similar to the traditional pitched roof house – rests above a single inhabitable platform, giving body to a house for a family with two children. Continue reading


Ogikubo House: solving a puzzle

The following project deserves a brief introduction, merely because its conceptual design is quite similar to solving a puzzle. A puzzle tests the ingenuity of the solver. In a basic puzzle, one is intended to put together pieces in a logical way in order to come up with the desired solution.

In Tokyo, Japan there are several urban restrictions that can put to the test both client and architect capacities: high land prices and laws that regulate construction on small sites. Ogikubo House is a three-story building, with a small floor area of 117sqm, that responds to such a daring challenge in the most enigmatic way. Continue reading


House y2: conjoined twin architecture

Sometimes architects are inspired by genetics and biological mechanisms when it comes to creating buildings as livable organisms. House y2 follows a curious concept: a twin is one of two offspring produced in the same pregnancy. Twins can either be identical or fraternal. Let’s explore this magnificent metaphor behind a singular house located in Linz, Austria. Continue reading


Tower Studio: an outstanding landmark

This amazing structure looks more like a imaginary sculpture, than a building. It’s situated in Newfoundland’ Shoal Bay, serving as one of the six artist studios designed for the Fogo Island Arts Corporation. The 50 sq. meter, twisted body of this tower is undoubtedly the most outstanding landmark of the region, as its silhouette beautifully dominates over the landscape, attracting attention to this art object. Continue reading


Villa 3S: the Flawless Unity

The forms of Villa 3S have delighted me at once by the unity and scale of its design concept. The outer structure of this 1560 sq. ft. single family house in Graz, Austria is treated as a solid envelope, incorporating roof and walls. Located on a slope in an ideal open green meadow surrounded by woods, the house perfectly fits the environment, supplementing it and not dominating over it. Continue reading


Terraced House Ghent: stands in contrast

Let us speak once more about the new combined with the old. However this time we offer you a somewhat different approach: the old house has been demolished and a brand new house reappeared instead. A small, contemporary house which now fills in the narrow void between a row of buildings in Ghent. Continue reading


House Yagiyama: a fortress for retirement

A house has a primary function of shelter and refuge, protecting its inhabitants from the outside world. This concept of asylum can also be seen in the animal world, especially the turtle case. A full-bodied shell guarantees the safety of the turtle while providing a strong visual appearance. In Miyagi, Japan there’s a unique residence that assembles the concept of this peculiar creature: House Yagiyama. Continue reading