small eco home soleta 50x50 - Soleta Zero Energy One House: perfectly in tune

Soleta Zero Energy One House: perfectly in tune


An innovative Eco home prototype is waiting to be discovered in Bucharest, Romania. Soleta Zero Energy One is a multi-use building for its versatile design: a small, single-story volume with a total floor area of 48sqm can be used as a weekend cabin, an office or even as a permanent home. The form of Soleta resembles the archaic shape of nomad tents – a modern manifest of persistent values in architecture.

A covered terrace leads to the front door – a glazed facade – that offers a total glimpse of the interior space. Social areas share the same open space while the bathroom is located at the rear facade. A bedroom is placed just below the pitched roof accessed by a staircase made out of bookshelves.


However, this building is even more precious due to its ecological concern: it’s constructed with natural materials sourced locally, including glue laminated wood for the structure and wood shingles for the roof. Instead of the usual solid perimeter walls, insulated glass panels were used to create a clear relationship between nature and interior areas, while providing natural light and ventilation.




A heat recovery system assures that no losses are allowed in this Eco-friendly home during the wintertime. In fact, renewable energy sources assume the main fuel for this conceptual building: 45 percent energy efficiency is obtained with smart energy, climate and ventilation monitoring and managing system that can be controlled remotely with a mobile phone. As you can imagine, all seems to be perfectly in tune for a discrete relation between architecture and nature in this green home…



Architects & Photography: Justin Capra Foundation for Invention and Sustainable Technologies

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