Pico Kamin: Warm feeling, cool features


For modern design mavens, wood-burning stoves are much more than simply a heat source. The Pico Kamin version is an edgy-as-you-like grey steel stove that allows you to optionally hide the flue, or celebrate it. Continue reading

Foldable Wardrobe: Because good design should always exist


Manufactum’s strapline: ‘The good things in life still exist’ is definitely lived out in this time tested but extremely hip design. A simple concertina mechanism in aluminum and maplewood with a series of hooks on the underside come together to create a wardrobe or coat stand that is only there when you need it. Continue reading

29sqm: a tiny inhabitable pearl


The word pearl has conventionally become a metaphor for something very small, rare and valuable. In Wroclaw, Poland a successful makeover of a tiny space is indeed, just like a pearl, rare and valuable. 29sqm is its name as well as the space available for living. Continue reading

Space Saving Beds: Like space wizardry


Space saving furniture is usually not that good looking, but it must be inconspicuous, and it must be clever. The whole of the CLEI modular system that includes sleeping, living, working and dining functions, excels in these traits. It is so clever and well engineered that you may mutter as you watch the videos. What’s more, it is bordering on actually quite good looking. Continue reading

Flip: a small table on the side


Living in a small space? Don’t fret, as you won’t need to compromise when it comes to high quality pieces of furniture. Think multi functional and space saving! Just like Flip – a foldable side table both for indoor and outdoor use. Continue reading

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A intersection B Furniture System: All Mod(ular) Cons


Looking for chameleonic furniture that multi tasks like you do? Then take a look at the A Intersection B modular system from Kim Myoung Hyun, which slots together on shared legs to adapt to a smorgasbord of roles, with 20 different permutations possible. Continue reading

Le refuge: increasing the minimum


Sometimes the most impossible challenge turns to be the most audacious… In Les Menuires, France a peculiar apartment renovation testifies the eloquent answer to a particular brief: Le refuge. The request was extremely challenging: to increase the surface of a living room without touching the bearing elements, offer two bathrooms instead of the existing one, and keep the number of sleeping 8 beds in an available area of 55sqm. But how do you make an already small living area larger than it is? The answer lies in an ingenious design concept of living furniture. Continue reading

Bed’nTable: redefine your private living space


An experiment in fusing function and form has resulted in a unique interior design of a bed and a table, hence the name Bed’nTable. This multi-functional combination, by Dutch designer Erik Griffioen, serves as a new space to relax, sleep, work and eat, redefining your private living space. Continue reading

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A remodeled roof top apartment in Paris

This remodeled roof top in Paris has been landing on my laptop’s screen over and over again lately. The final notice that the time has indeed come to share it with you was when I stumbled upon it this morning browsing through one of my favorite German Interior magazines that come home monthly.

The dark colors that the two architects has used to create their warm abode for themselves and their son, situated on the last floor of an old convent {yes indeed!} in the center of the city of lights attracted me in an usual manner, me being a lover of white, Scandinavian like interiors. Continue reading

Casa H, Brussels: a small dream home

The renovation project shared here today is a great example of how thoughtful planning and spending can result in a wonderful, newly bright apartment made to fit exactly the special needs of its inhabitant.

Graphic designer Herman Rios, the owner of this 1968 Louis Herman De Koninck building situated in the center of Brussels, Belgium, calls himself a maniacal perfectionist. One could guess that this aspect in combination with a rather limited budget made the job of Barcelona based architects Matteo Colombo and Andrea Serbol a tough one to complete. But they and their company CaSA managed to deliver a crisp interior where natural light reaches every single of its compact space of 98 square meters! Continue reading