Napa Valley Redux: ranch house transformation


Oh, how I love a well-executed remodel. I live in the next valley over from Napa, the lesser-known Sonoma Valley. What our valleys have in common are multitudes of wineries that peacefully co-exist with dairy farms, vineyards and boutique restaurants.

One of the interesting things about the Northern California wine country is the mix of “old school” inhabitants and the hipper and more modern demographic finding these valleys a great place to settle and raise a family or San Francisco hipsters looking for a weekend pied-a-terre. Continue reading


The Unfolding Apartment in NYC


Good – no, great interior design comes in all shapes and sizes. Two enterprising architects, Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Michael Chen Architecture PLLC, have created this small New York City apartment, a lively twist on the old saying “great things come in small packages”…

The team’s goal was to design a space for a single man living in Manhattan who loves to entertain and occasionally works at home. The challenge was to make this possible in a tiny 400 square foot studio, without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. Continue reading


The Podpad: a piece of art for storage

You’d think the Podpad were some piece of art suspended on your wall. A 4.5 inch thick installment made of four differently-sized, modernist-looking rectangles highlight an iPhone dock recessed in the construction. Continue reading


Modern Apartment: Small, Colorful & Iconic


This white-washed open plan apartment acts as a living gallery for some of the world’s mid-century modern design icons. Yet the compact space is bright with day light and a hands-on warmth and comfort. All pretension has been left outside the frosted glass-paned front door. You’re greeted by the orange Kangaroo coat hook and a bright lemon yellow molded plywood chair to assist you in removing your shoes. Continue reading


Tiny Loft with Big Storage


I’m always impressed by the clever use of a compact space. And I’m even more impressed when providing all the creature comforts you’re left with the luxury of volume and room to breathe. In this gabled space bathed in white and light from sky lights above and windows on both sides you’ll never feel crowded. Continue reading


Tiny Apartment Steps Up in Madrid


A tiny apartment can lead to immense ideas and that’s exactly what MYCC Architects developed for this narrow white home in Madrid. Just over 200 square feet in plan and 16 feet in height, the entirely white washed home is divided in to a magical mix of compact levels that defy the apartment’s true size. Continue reading


Small Holiday Home in the Normandy countryside


I can truly imagine myself loving life in this petite and pure country home. The geometry grows from every child’s image of what a home should be – a rectangular form topped by a gable. In plan as well it’s a simple straight forward arrangement of living, kitchen, bed, and bath. However, well executed simplicity hides the intense attention to detail that gave it life. Continue reading


Tiny apartment in Hong Kong: Space Invaders


We’re all aware that space is at a premium in Hong Kong, and this tiny 35sqm apartment shows how clever design can maximize space and banish excess. This apartment, designed by OneByNine, also brings in an unexpected and playful spatial element, Space Invaders. Let’s look at the sleek design first! Continue reading


Stylist Daniella Witte shows how small can be big


Do you sometimes wonder what quality of life stands for? Is it correlated with money, large spaces for living or perhaps adequate amounts of free time and the ability to choose for ourselves? Does it have to do with living in the country or living in the city enjoying the opportunities offered? The space shared today measures but 37sq m and it certainly is a great example of how small can be big and how country and city life can be combined. Continue reading


Tiny Studio apartment in Sweden: Colorful First Impressions


You’ll be dazzled and smitten the minute you feel the color combinations in this tiny Swedish studio apartment foyer. The graphic fresh print wall covering and the tomato red chest framed by a wall coated in lime combine to form a first rate welcoming committee. Of course there is more to them than meets the eye. All functional requirements are fulfilled by storage chests, coat hooks, and a mirror to check the tilt of your hat. The distinctly unique chests keep the space airy by floating above the caramel wood floor on graceful stylish legs. Continue reading