Partywall: small space entertaining


This ingenious configuration was created based on the need to add more functionality to a small space. Everything has been simplified but with a touch of beauty added to design a perfect recipe of: one part party animal, one part display and finished with a dollop of dinner for two. Continue reading


36 sq meter apartment in Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and is known as the capital of Scandinavia. Jonas Wagell, an Architect and proud owner of this tiny apartment which measures a mere 36 square meters (approx. 365 square feet) would be considered too small by most of us. Continue reading


8th Avenue: creative renovation in Montreal

The cosmopolitan city of Montreal is the backdrop for this creative renovation. Originally a duplex, this home has been transformed into a bright and modern single family dwelling by the architecture and design firm of Naturehumaine. Continue reading


Brick House: a tiny guest apartment


Although small in square footage, the Brick House is large in personality. I have always been a firm believer that the creative use of a diminutive space is both thought provoking and an impressive partnership between architect, designer and client. In addition, small spaces are becoming more desirable as both urban living and price per square foot are on the rise.

Architect Christi Azevedo has beautifully transformed the tiny Brick House, originally a laundry boiler room into this captivating guest apartment. We all love to have friends and family come to visit, but also long to have them in their own space, allowing them the luxury of keeping their own hours while on holiday. Continue reading


Tiny Carriage House Conversion


As our lives seem to become more complicated, many of us yearn for living spaces that are simple, easy to navigate and free of clutter. This tiny carriage house is a perfect example of streamlining one’s nest. Continue reading


Tres Chic Loft in Paris


This diminutive loft in the city of lights is small in foot print but large in style. A former artist’s studio, the home’s warmth emanates from the ancient stone walls and floods in from a wall of bright new windows. The house is a blend of rustic weathered materials and clearly modern and streamlined structure and furnishings. Continue reading


Kabinett: Perfectly Outfitted in Paris


Of course Paris is one of the highest priced real estate markets on the planet and space is certainly a premium. For those with small spaces, you’ll find the great ideas used in this former factory loft simple and effective. Let’s say you have one wall of windows in a long rectangular flat. You require two bedrooms, one bath, and an open living and kitchen and dining combo, as well as a work area and plenty of storage. Any way you look at it, you should definitely check out this wonderful design of architect Lina Lagerström. Continue reading


Skyward House: Small Dynamic Spaces


At just over 700 sq. ft., this cottage, designed by Kazuhiko Kishimoto of acaa, for one person belies its size through the genius use of smart spaces, vistas and materials. The completely white interior, walls, floors, ceilings, is open in plan and to the hip roof and central sky light above. Dining takes place in the center of the house and the crisp white kitchen is comprised of a gleaming island with only a cooking surface and sink. Continue reading


Napa Valley Redux: ranch house transformation


Oh, how I love a well-executed remodel. I live in the next valley over from Napa, the lesser-known Sonoma Valley. What our valleys have in common are multitudes of wineries that peacefully co-exist with dairy farms, vineyards and boutique restaurants.

One of the interesting things about the Northern California wine country is the mix of “old school” inhabitants and the hipper and more modern demographic finding these valleys a great place to settle and raise a family or San Francisco hipsters looking for a weekend pied-a-terre. Continue reading


The Unfolding Apartment in NYC


Good – no, great interior design comes in all shapes and sizes. Two enterprising architects, Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Michael Chen Architecture PLLC, have created this small New York City apartment, a lively twist on the old saying “great things come in small packages”…

The team’s goal was to design a space for a single man living in Manhattan who loves to entertain and occasionally works at home. The challenge was to make this possible in a tiny 400 square foot studio, without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. Continue reading