Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Miniki Slimline

Welcome to the wonder-workings of Miniki Slimline, a small kitchen that was elegantly designed to disappear into a sleek piece of furniture. Offering a new twist to an old issue, this modular kitchen unit provides space saving solutions for small apartments that still require all the features of a regular home, but in bite-sized style.

Which makes this “disappearing kitchen” a quintessential part of any quaint living space, allowing one to cook a meal, and then tuck away all the evidence in this perfectly sweet, all-white kitchen sideboard, customized with a sink, stove top, fridge and preparation counter space.

Small space kitchen design Miniki

Small apartment kitchen design

Small space kitchen cabinet design

This modern ingenuous, sustainable, functional piece of beauty is suitable for anything from an office space, to studio-sized apartments, to boutique storefronts, offering a variety of options and add-ons to suit the needs of the individual, with multi-purpose functions delivering flexibility without foregoing on kitchen essentials.

Handmade in Germany by Designer Tobias Schwarzer – winner of the Red Dot Design Award and Interior Innovation Award for this specific product, the quality of Miniki is evident and offers a long shelf life – so to speak. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly solution to a daily necessity, with manufacturing that lines up with conscious quality and sustainability, allowing for growth as needed, and timelessly designed amidst its multi-functional purpose.

Small space kitchen top design

Designer: miniki
Photography: Michael Jaeger

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