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Nordico Studio

Combine variable colors, impeccable taste, insane design abilities, and voila – you have Nordic Studio! This delightful treat is chalk full of charm and charisma. From the contrasting color scheme, to the variety of wall textures and finishes, to the office space’s sliding glass partition wall – turning this small studio into a live/work space that is nothing short of perfection.

Small touches such as the overhanging book shelf above the glass partition wall, or the monochromatic tile backsplash in the office, which is also carried in fine fashion to the bathroom, as well as teal chairs of different kinds and yellow accents also aflutter …Nordic Studio is like a nest of flavorful furnishings and flair.

home office studio nordico2 - Nordico Studio

home office studio nordico1 - Nordico Studio

home office studio nordico3 - Nordico Studio

The circular mirror in the bathroom and white tile walls also speak to me for some reason. As well as the ladder towel rack and added touch of turquoise knobs on the cabinetry, not to mention the tan leather scoop chair with wool throw – it is small details like these that turn an average space into an article-worthy mention. Clearly.

home office studio nordico4 - Nordico Studio

home office studio nordico5 - Nordico Studio

home office studio nordico7 - Nordico Studio

home office studio nordico8 - Nordico Studio

home office studio nordico9 - Nordico Studio

Architects: Nordico
Photography: Hey!Cheese

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