dwell home pre fab house - Prefab home Dwell Home Design

Prefab home Dwell Home Design

Dwell is one of my favorite architecture interior design magazine. Now it is teaming up with Empyrean to build modern prefab homes designed for mass production.

Dwell is specializing in sustainable, green and environmental housing design and issues.
In 2003, Dwell introduced the first Dwell Home Design Invitational – a unique challenge to a select group of architects and designers: to design an innovative, high quality, custom-designed and site-based modern prefab home.

Now we continue with Dwell Home II teaming up with Empyrean International, Resolution: 4 Architecture, and Lazor Office to create the Dwell Homes by Empyrean.

The use of prefab house building systems is regarded as the answer to making quality architecture accessible to a wider audience.

“As with Arts & Architecture’s Case Study House Program, Dwell’s intention of showcasing the intrinsic value of prefab architecture, with its progressive notions of building, aesthetics, and quality of domestic living, will finally allow the general public to see the wonderful potential of this modern design ideology.” Joseph Rosa, Helen Hilton Raiser Curator of Architecture and Design San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Now I don’t know about you but I am so impressed that I am waiting in line for the Dwell Home.


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2 thoughts on “Prefab home Dwell Home Design

  1. admin

    Hi, I’m happy to hear about your interest in this house. However, please keep in mind that Busyboo simply writes architectural reviews.
    For sales, pricing or shipping info please contact the manufacture.
    Good luck,

  2. Reginald Kokuma

    We are very interested in Small Prefab Houses to be used for tourist purposes in Ghana. Solar energy compost toilets and rain water collection shold be some of the features. But the affordability???


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