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Prefabricated homes FlatPak


The FlatPak is a great example of prefabricated homes. Bringing better space for more people, the flatPak is a menu of components for people’s homes; just pick something out like a wall or a bathroom and pop! you have a prefabricated house.

The FlatPak prefabricated homes are highly configurable, providing great prefab design for every need. Based on an 8′ wide one story wall component, you can choose the layout of your prefabricated home, materials such as glass, wood, concrete or stone, location of windows, a deck, anything.




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One thought on “Prefabricated homes FlatPak

  1. Philbert

    FlatPak is the best out of all these prefab homes. Their design is amazing. Does anyone know anything more about FlatPak they could share with me?


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