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Prefab Abod house


BSB Design developed the Abōd house, a low-cost, high-quality prefab home for the South African market. This prefab house is constructed from arches connected by overlapping, corrugated panels on each side, fiberglass slates, plexiglas panels and rain channels.

The prefabricated Abōd home provides new housing options for lowest-cost, low-income starter homes in areas that presently are squatter’s camps, informal settlements or where large numbers of families lack homes of any kind.


It’s quick and simple to assemble, easily expanded to create a larger home structure, secure and permanent yet can be easily and quickly disassembled.


* More info at Myabod


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3 thoughts on “Prefab Abod house

  1. Marty

    What’s the thermal performance? How hot is it on a 90 degree day. How cold is it when the outside is 65 degrees.

  2. Marlene Meyerson

    Please send me your contact number. I saw your product in the NYT Living Section. The company I am trying to reach is BSB Design.

    Thank you,
    Marlene Meyerson


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