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Lifepod prefab home


Based in San Francisco, Korean-born architect Kyu Che, designed the Lifepod; a versatile, collapsable, lightweight, and nomadic, fully functioning high-tech mini home capsule.

Offering the best of 21st century automotive, aeronautic, nautical, and RV technologies, this modular prefab home fits into a 40 ft container and can be shipped worldwide within weeks.



Mimicking terrestrial mammals, the structural system of this unique prefab home is a quadrupedal fuselage, which allows adjusting the Lifepod to the surrounding landscape instead of the other way around.


“Kyu Che architectural research involves high tech portable capsule habitats that explore the relationship between man and nature from an eastern philosophical point of view while utilizing 21st century technologies to create bionic systems that are ecologically harmonious.”




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