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The Colour Factory Lightbox


This small prefab by Dan Brill Architects is a great example of how to create a garden studio by combining creativity with a tight budget.

The Colour Factory, an artist’s studio group located in Winchester, needed a small workshop/studio for delivering classes and workshops for the local community. With only £15,000, a small timber structure clad in translucent, colorful polycarbonate panels was created within an enclosed garden.



This colorful 25 sq. meters studio provides a playful environment for the artists’ collective. Holes were crafted in the plywood interior, across a large wall and part of the ceiling, providing pools of colored light during the day and glowing circles of color to the exterior at night.




* More info at Dan Brill Architects


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4 thoughts on “The Colour Factory Lightbox

  1. Diego

    WorldHaus: Sounds like faulty reeasrch to me. If you ask poor people if they want to live in houses made of earth, and the houses in the area, which are made this way and falling apart, then sure, they’ll vote for the shiny solution’, especially if they’re unaware of the offgassing, high embodied energy, etc.Show them beautiful examples of homes made of natural materials and you’ll get an entirely different response.Also, I see no reason why you can’t make a profit building homes with natural materials if you’re outside the restrictions of building codes that adversely affect cost of construction. Example: builders/carpenters made a living for thousands of years building homes with natural materials (and many still do).


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