prefab shed office - Home Office Shed

Home Office Shed


For me, this just might be the perfect outdoor home office. It seems I can never get enough of an inviting, light and airy shed, which will not only increase your creativity but will also free some space around your house.

According to ‘House to Home’, creating a home office shed, just like the one portrayed in the picture above, isn’t difficult at all; you simply paint it a cool blue and fill it with wicker furniture to create an informal design that will remind you of those breezy sea-side vacations; a couple of storage units, a magazine rack and a small table for storing paperwork and books; and a foldaway chair with a blue floral cushion for relaxing in the sun.

* All images courtesy of House to Home


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2 thoughts on “Home Office Shed

  1. Nicki Backlar

    Any ideas as to where I can purchase a shed like the one in the picture? Looking to recreate this office shed in my backyard.



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