small prefab home l414 - Small Prefab: L41 Home For All

Small Prefab: L41 Home For All


In Vancouver, Canada, architect Michael Katz and artist Janet Corne decided it was time to introduce their version for the small sustainable prefab home. The L41 is quite compact, 250 sq. ft. to be exact, and according to them it’s the ultimate solution to affordable housing.

The L41 has been specifically designed to be mass-produced. It can provide a great solution for first-time buyers, students, seniors, military and everyone who understands the principles of ‘small is beautiful‘, resource preservation and sustainable actions.


Although compact, the prefabricated L41 maximizes every inch of space, providing lots of built-in storage. It’s also modular and offers various configurations, from a single unit to high-rise buildings. In addition to the 250 sq. ft. Studio, there’s also a 350 sq. ft. 1-Bed and a 450 sq. ft. 2-Bedroom unit.


“Simply making a house small, however, is not good enough, it must be highly livable and delightful and the L41 is both.”


It’s constructed of Beetle-killed Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) – a relatively new wood product in North America that is both strong and earthquake and fire-proof, and can be used as a substitute for concrete. CLT is constructed of planks, laminated in layers at right angles to each other and glued together under great pressure to create panels up to 18’ by 60’ and 2” – 24” thick.



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11 thoughts on “Small Prefab: L41 Home For All

  1. Hector Villares

    Please send information related to prices and fob cost to export to Puerto Rico. sizes units and number of houses that can be produce a month.


  2. Charissa Parmanand

    Coul I receive the costs for a prefab building per square meter? And the costs for shipment to Suriname.

  3. gayle Robinson

    Could you send me info on the 450 sq. ft. 2-Bedroom unit or 1 bedroom.

    Plus land requirements in Vancouver BC

    thank YOu

  4. douglas martin

    would like pricing and floor plans for the different models. Also the price of shipping to st. peterburg, florida

  5. Jeri Willis

    We would appreciate more info on your Lt41. We live in alberta and need a prefab to fit the environment. Will the Lt4 work?

  6. Guillermo Garcia N

    Please send all information related to prices and fob cost to export to Venezuela , south America. sizes units and number of houses that can be produce a month


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