small meditation pavilion - Meditation Pavilion: A Retreat for the Soul

Meditation Pavilion: A Retreat for the Soul


The town of Stowe lies in a broad, fertile valley in Vermont, surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains. Sounds like the perfect place for this small meditation pavilion – a place to sit quietly while observing nature and the surrounding landscape with a sense of stillness and transcendence.

The structure consists of a curved brick wall, a wood-framed roof and a platform suspended above the water. Inside, a Rumford fireplace marks the center of the pavilion; a bench with scattered pillows wraps the other three sides, and a Shaker table is set in the center.


The pavilion can be reached either along a woodland path or a shoreline trail. How wonderful to take the afternoon off, enjoy the fresh air, meditate in front of this breathtaking view and feel rejuvenated and calm.


* All images courtesy of David Coleman Architecture


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